Open only PDFs directly in external PDF viewer?

  • Hi,

    is there an option to let Vivaldi open only PDF files in the default (external) viewer (here: Acrobat) and not within Vivaldi / with the internal viewer?

    And not e.g. by downloading it first, then opening it in the viewer by double-clicking in the download window which I have to close afterwards in a third step.

    Background: esp. in PDF files I want to have the options of Acrobat e.g. for navigating in the document or choosing the zoom level – some shortcuts overlap with the ones of Vivaldi.



  • Moderator

    You need to open Settings → Webpages and untick "Enable internal PDF viewer".

  • @gwen-dragon Yes, that would be step 1

    But as I described (okay, at least I tried it ;-)) I want to open the PDF directly in Acrobat not after these steps:

    1. double clicking the download file in the download panel
    2. closing the download panel

    Ah, stop! I needed to deactivate the option "show download panel automatically" (or similar – using German version). Then the "usual" dialog window appears with the options for that file.



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