Snapshot Change logs - starting with the first 1.12 Snapshot

  • The sole purpose of this thread is to make the change logs searchable.

    It includes only snapshots - so I didn't copied any minor updates or stable change logs here. And because I am a bit lazy I stopped at the first snapshot for 1.12 so everything released before this date (15.08.2017) isn't covered by this post.

    I hope I chose the right place to post this - in case there will be a blog / database by Vivaldi this can be deleted and of course also if I shouldn't have posted those logs for whatever reason in the first place at all.

    I'll also try to keep track of the new change logs. If I forgot anything feel free to correct me or post missing logs yourself.

    EDIT: There is a limit to the post length so I'll proceed to post the change logs below in a new comment.


    Known issues
    [Linux] HiDPI users cannot use the right click context menu with mouse gestures and rocker gestures enabled (VB-38504)
    [Regression] Each tab resizes separately when it gets activated (VB-37819)
    [Regression] Permission dialogs do not show up when page has focus (VB-38522)

    [Regression] Blank Downloads Panel in certain locales (VB-37870)
    [Regression] Visual tab cycler switches to hovered tab (VB-35255)
    [Mac] “Add Active Tab” menu item not present when bookmarks list is empty (VB-38298)
    [Bookmark Menu] Configurable sorting in Bookmark Menu (VB-38203)
    [Bookmark Menu] Crash when opening menu if all bookmarks are previously deleted (VB-38295)
    [Bookmark Menu] Sorting shows different results in the bookmark bar/panel/menu/manager (VB-38333)
    [Downloads] Focus lost when deleting download item (VB-35705)
    [Fullscreen] UI components overlap in fullscreen mode (VB-38136)
    [Quick Commands] Make tab cycle through quick commands (VB-38505)
    [Settings] Use both columns in Search Settings (VB-38239)
    [Sync] Convert sync settings to prefs (VB-38387)
    [Sync] Disable syncing of the bookmarks bar folder (VB-38210)
    [Window menu] Show tab stacks in window menu (VB-38093)
    [Window panel] Tab count is wrong (VB-38441)
    Add Slovenian language translation (VB-38524)
    Rapid clicks to close tabs resize window (VB-30351)
    Session keyboard selection impossible (VB-35341)
    Upgraded Chromium to 65.0.3325.162


    [New Feature] Add “Bookmarks” in main menu VB-7980
    [New Feature] User interface in full screen mode VB-37039
    [Regression] Clicking outside of Capture menu no longer closes the menu on Status Bar VB-37989
    [Regression] Settings popup title is cut VB-37940
    [Regression] Title bar, panel switch not hidden in fullscreen mode VB-37499
    [Bookmarks] Description may disappear when refreshing thumbnail VB-37621
    [Gestures] Lower default mouse gesture sensitivity VB-33980
    [Settings] Keep UI zoom control in view VB-32501
    [Themes] Improved transparent tabs with background image VB-37818
    [Window] Adjust the default window sizes on first startup VB-37893
    Text for search results on Keyboard Cheat Sheet is misaligned VB-37872


    [New Feature] Add possibility of having an image as window background VB-36937
    [New Feature] Capture setting in Status Bar menu should persist after browser restart VB-37626
    [Regression] Continue of Download after warning blocks tab creation and UI VB-34790
    [Regression] Disabling address auto-complete disables address field drop-down menu VB-36848
    [Regression] Downloading large files from crashes Vivaldi VB-36537
    [Regression] Pinned tab from normal window opens in incognito window VB-35197
    [Regression] Some pages never stop loading when webRequest extensions are installed VB-37486
    [Regression] Using the ‘vimium’ extension, Vivaldi crashes when opening a new tab VB-37375
    [Download] Download panel uses incorrect date format VB-28395
    [Quick Commands] Make Alt + up / down jump to next / previous section VB-37005
    [Search Engines] Unchecking private search engine does nothing VB-37671
    [Tabs] Pinned tabs are lost on multi windows/monitors scenarios VB-18997
    [Theme] When schedule is changed, set theme to schedule VB-36392
    [Window size] New window sizing VB-33735
    Internal url shown on status bar VB-37639
    Handle beforeunload events on tab close in the UI VB-3984
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.170


    Known issues
    [Regression] Some pages never stop loading when webRequest extensions are installed (VB-37486)

    [Regression] CPU and Memory leak with new window (VB-37349)
    [Regression] Disabling address auto-complete disables address field drop-down menu (VB-36848)
    [Regression] Search engines are privatized on save (VB-37481)


    Known issues
    No Mac build for today’s snapshot
    [Regression] Gmail never stops loading when some extensions are installed (VB-37486)
    [Regression] Search engines are privatized on save (VB-37481)

    [New Feature] Default search engine for private windows (VB-36828)
    [Regression] Broken (webRequest and localStorage) extensions (VB-36965)
    [Regression] Mouse pointer offset (VB-36503)
    [Regression] Protocol handlers are not passed along anymore (VB-34229)
    [Quick Command] Certain keys do not work on Quick command with US layout keyboard (VB-37119)
    [Notes] Creating an invalid Markdown Task List causes the notes panel to break (VB-37137)
    [Search Engines] Search engine list scroll on keyboard navigation (VB-36813)
    [Settings] https:// in the welcome page can’t be removed (VB-37146)
    [Themes] Set scheduled theme on window open (VB-36292)
    Vivaldi does not start the UI with some --user-agent command line switches (VB-29162)
    Updated translations
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.143


    Known issues
    [Notes] Creating an invalid Markdown Task List causes the panel to break (VB-37137)

    [Regression] CTRL+ENTER in address bar deletes last typed character (VB-35695)
    [Regression] Prevent contrast adjustments from causing theme crash (VB-37136)
    [Linux] Pinned icon (GNOME favorites) does not start Vivaldi (VB-36741)


    Known issues
    [Fullscreen] Panels are not hidden in fullscreen mode VB-37039

    [Regression] Home page loss in 1.14 stable: added migration for the homepage preference VB-35435
    [Regression] Command to quit Vivaldi doesn’t work when a settings window VB-36386
    [Regression] Clicking a link while there is a popup window redirects the popup window VB-34567
    [Regression] Blank page on open in new tab on some sites VB-36982
    [Win] Session lost when restarting Vivaldi before the existing process has fully exited: added “Vivaldi is exiting” dialog VB-28359
    [Linux] Add ARM64 builds
    [Keyboard] Handle duplicate shortcuts more gracefully VB-5535
    [Notes] Add Markdown code highlighting and style improvements VB-21043
    [Notes] Support display of Todo in notes Markdown: without saved state VB-36974
    [Quick commands] Always open pages in new tab VB-28863
    [Fullscreen] Panel gets in broken state VB-24162
    [Fullscreen] F8 should show the address field when in chrome less or fullscreen modes VB-34820
    [Fullscreen] Show hidden address bar on Ctrl+L VB-15403
    Should use page title when creating desktop shortcut via drag to desktop VB-18811
    Various issues with closing of a settings window VB-29091
    Popup windows with long titles overlap window controls VB-35897


    [Regression] Blocked content indicator does not work – improvements (VB-36806)
    Updated translations


    [Regression][Linux] Fix maximized state on startup (VB-35145)
    [Regression] Blocked content indicator does not work (VB-36806)
    [Regression] Recently used order on tab switching works only once (VB-36307)
    Updated translations


    Known issues
    Sync disabled untill the 1.15 snapshots: can be enabled it via “vivaldi://experiments” in the mean time
    Some videos may not play by default on Linux: more details

    [Notes] Markdown editor
    [Vertical reader mode] Allow vertical reader mode in all languages (VB-36544)
    [Regression] Can not toggle video controls (VB-36628)
    [Regression] Copy image context menu item copies image URL instead of image (VB-36623)
    [Regression] Down arrow should open URL dropdown (VB-36620)
    [Regression] Invisible tabs (VB-35707)
    [Regression][Linux] Remove dependency on RPM (VB-36661)
    [Regression][Linux] Vivaldi snapshot WM_Class is wrong (VB-35977)
    [Regression][Mac] Pinch zoom stopped working (VB-36459)
    Updated translations
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.121


    Known issues:
    [Regression][Mac] Pinch zoom stopped working VB-36459
    [Regression] Down arrow does not open address field drop down VB-36620

    [Regression] Autofill dropdown shown with offset VB-36547
    [Regression] Cannot cycle through address drop down items VB-36263
    [Regression] Default search engine’s name is displayed for nickname searching VB-36422
    [Regression] Fast forward/Rewind buttons jump VB-36397
    [Regression] Popup window takes over session VB-36398
    [Regression] Right-click context menu position is off VB-36297
    [Regression] User name autofill dropdown has wrong placement VB-36335
    [Regression][Mac] Wrong position of highlighted word when “look up & data detectors” is used VB-36383
    [Address bar] Make Alt + up/down jump to next/previous address bar dropdown section VB-35998
    [Reader mode] Reader view settings buttons don’t disappear after leaving the page VB-33516
    [Search Engines] Change keyboard shortcut for moving items from Shift to Alt+arrows VB-36423
    [Search Engines] Vivaldi gets frozen when the search engine is changed VB-36467
    [Settings] Make a feature where we intercept Adobe Flash pages with enabling Flash VB-35817
    [Shortcuts][Mac] Paste as plain text keyboard shortcut does not work VB-21596
    [Vertical Reader mode] Rendering and overflow fixes, cap maximum height VB-31914
    Updated translations
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.97


    Known issues
    [Regression] Right-click context menu position is off VB-36297
    Linux users may encounter problems playing video. For more information read this

    [New Feature] Vertical Reader Mode VB-31914
    [Linux] Create a new Vivaldi Package Composer KEY04 and add it to packaging VB-36114
    [Linux] Warn users if they do not have a suitable ffmpeg lib for proprietary media VB-36111
    [Address field] Permission icons in address field have no tooltip VB-27655
    [Bookmarks] Bookmark description editing VB-36146
    [Panels] Flicker when reordering panel buttons VB-36202
    [Search Engines] Reordering search engines fails sometimes VB-36271
    [Search Engines] Reused string in delete search engine confirmation popup VB-36145
    [Settings] Settings window lacks minimum size VB-36259
    [Themes]Prevent Theme Scheduler from stealing focus VB-21252
    Updated Chromium to 64.0.3282.86


    [New Feature] Change order of search engines (VB-14147)
    [Regression] Editing note results in loss of address (VB-36005)
    [Regression][Win] Vivaldi doesn’t remember window maximization: improvement, more still to be done (VB-35145)
    [Bookmarks panel] Incorrect margin for Bookmarks editor panel (VB-36055)
    [Dev Tools] Dragging tab out of window crashes if DevTools open (VB-36133)
    [Settings] Remember settings popup size and position (VB-12006)
    [Tabs] Tabs do not rearrange (VB-29560)
    [Tab bar] Title and Tab bar double-click (VB-35702)
    [Themes]Support for power events in Theme Scheduler (VB-30301)
    [Windows] Visually switches from normal to maximized window state during startup (VB-35844)
    [Window Panel] Active tab low contrast in Window Panel for dark themes (VB-34873)
    Updated translations


    [Regression] Crash when changing zoom settings in private window (VB-35288)
    [Regression] Restore title bar double-click (VB-35076)
    [Regression] Window maximized on reopening tab (VB-35226)
    [Regression][Mac] Minimizing Vivaldi window causes subsequent windows to open maximized (VB-35317)
    [Mac] Vivaldi leaves fullscreen mode when double clicking tab bar (VB-35667)
    [Dev Tools] Dev tools are not closed on exit every time (VB-35671)
    [Dev Tools] Make sure all devtools instances connected to a window is closed when the window closes (VB-35639)
    [Notes] Vivaldi crashes when copy/pasting notes folder that contains several notes (VB-35412)
    [Panels] Quick commands can be activated while editing a tree element (VB-35551)
    Fallback for non-latin fonts (VB-34631)
    Implemented proper shutdown when using menu Exit (VB-34520)
    Reduce the usage of decoded cache (VB-32692)


    [New] Web Panel order now can be changed VB-18427
    [Search Engines] Engine order changes in document context search menu VB-35461
    Chromium security fixes


    [Regression][Linux] Crash on closing native windows (VB-35340)
    [Regression][Linux] Unable to add Vivaldi Snapshot to favorites GNOME (VB-34537)
    [Regression][Mac] Only the user who has installed Vivaldi in Applications has the permission to launch it (VB-35083)
    [Regression] Enter does not work on Address Bar when Address Auto-Complete is disabled (VB-34967)
    [Regression] Search engine dropdown and address bar search stop responding when the language is changed (VB-35002)
    [Regression] Slack notification does not show full message from the sender (VB-34628)
    [Regression] Suppress tiles in full-screen video (VB-34704)
    [Regression] Zoom with Ctrl + and Ctrl – fails (VB-34209)
    [Installer]“Register standalone Vivaldi” meaning too ambiguous (VB-35307)
    [Keyboard Shortcuts] Closing a tab with the keyboard shortcut Numpad0 does not work (VB-35167)
    [Sync] Allow revealing sync encryption password during setup (VB-35151)
    [Sync] Sync icon can display both states (VB-35202)
    [Tabs] Pin tab selection by shortcut (VB-35030)


    [New] Sync
    [Mac] Redo shortcut does not work (VB-33192)
    [Mac] Vivaldi launches with maximized window (VB-35034)
    [Linux] Problems installing Vivaldi rpms on distros that use the fork (VB-15950)
    [Regression][Win] Borderless windows (VB-34635)
    [Regression] Cannot scroll PDFs with scrollbar (VB-34533)
    [Regression] HTML5 full screen – F11 does not reset to correct window size (VB-34934)
    [Regression][IME] Search words selected and disappear in address bar (VB-34617)
    [Regression] When creating a new folder in bookmark panel, the title field should automatically get the focus (VB-19259)
    [Settings] Active tab reverted to Startup when zooming (VB-34481)
    [Settings] Startup pages are lost (VB-35003)
    Deleting download breaks keyboard navigation (VB-34417)
    Panel animates when window opens (VB-34529)
    Reduce page load progress updates (VB-34591)

    Vivaldi 1.13 RC 1 // 1.13.1008.30

    [Regression][Mac] ⌘A/C/V/X don’t work on many keyboard layouts (VB-34193)
    [Regression] Vivaldi grays out after you search for a note and add a new note (VB-34735)
    [Regression] Vivaldi always starts in windowed mode (VB-34137)
    Translation updates


    [Regression][Mac] Closing full screen video in full screen window removes UI VB-34486
    [Regression] Default webpage zoom is not saved VB-34594
    [Regression] One tab can still be seen close, and the tab bar animate, before closing Vivaldi VB-33480
    [Regression] UI zoom changes webpage zoom with touch screen pinch gesture VB-34363
    [Regression] When native window option is on, pop-ups open outside visible screen VB-34006
    Updated translations


    [Regression] Middle click fails to create Process-per-Tab after the first tab VB-33972
    [Regression] Multiple Settings windows VB-34351
    [Regression] Reopened tabs reappear in tab Trash after restart VB-32717
    [Regression] Scrollbar for tabs on side snaps to top VB-32117
    Updated Chromium to 62.0.3202.97


    [Regression] Mouse middle button stopped working on links VB-34055
    [Regression] Private window does not respect UI zoom level VB-34386
    [Regression] Vivaldi icon in Volume Mixer is huge – further improvements VB-34191
    [Regression][IME][Windows] IME shortcuts evoke Vivaldi shortcuts too VB-34526


    [Regression][IME][Mac] Second word in the search field disappears (VB-34442)
    [Regression][Linux] Crash after closing private window (VB-34358)
    [Regression] Esc closes Vivaldi fullscreen when focused on page (VB-34397)
    [Regression] “Search” context menu items disappear after closing private window (VB-34245)


    [Regression][Mac] Crash while scrolling and closing tab with ⌘W VB-34160
    [Regression][Mac] Vivaldi does not save window position and size in some cases VB-34123
    [Regression] Vivaldi icon in Volume Mixer is huge – improvements VB-34191
    Updated Chromium to 62.0.3202.90


    [Performance] Tab opening speed improvements VB-34227
    [Regression] Can’t open settings from a private window VB-34028
    [Regression] Flash does not work VB-34184
    [Regression] Keyboard shortcuts overlap VB-34284
    [Regression] Mouse highlighting for URL drop-down broken VB-33707
    [Regression] Opening the settings shows “Blank Page” in the task bar VB-34271
    [Regression] Searches made on Search Field end up in address field typed history VB-32159
    [Regression] Set a reasonable minimum window size VB-33748
    [Regression] Settings search fails on first try VB-33989
    [Regression] Tab renaming has to be done twice for it to apply VB-34299
    [Regression] UI crash during Ctrl+Tab VB-33795
    [Regression] Vivaldi icon in Volume Mixer is huge VB-34191
    [Regression][Mac][Win] Netflix does not work VB-34210
    [Regression][Mac] Pages skipped during history navigation VB-31030
    [Bookmarks] Bookmarks manager loses focus after import VB-33264
    [Bookmarks] Empty bookmark title steals focus VB-33977
    [Notes] Drag’n’drop from Address Bar to Notes Address does not work VB-26065
    [Notes] Impossible to create a first note by drag’n’drop VB-33314
    [Tab Bar] Right-Click on vacant portion of Tab Bar offers failing “Bookmark all” context menu VB-34262
    [Window Panel] Cannot rename a Tab Stack from its context menu VB-34189
    Updated Chromium to 62.0.3202.77


    [Regression] Visual tab switcher fixes VB-32399
    [Regression][Win][Linux] Crash when closing Private Window from Task bar VB-33885
    [Regression][Win][Linux] Vivaldi does not save window position and size VB-33452
    [Regression][Mac] Shortcut to toggle notes panel does not work VB-21728
    [Crash] Vivaldi will not open after crash VB-34070
    [Mac] External links not opened in active window VB-32395
    [Window Panel] Activate last active pinned tab when activating pinned folder VB-34060
    [Window Panel] Add support for “New stack for host” VB-34048
    [Settings] Settings search highlight – Fixing possible contrast issues for custom themes VB-32897
    [Pinned tabs] Audio icon color in pinned tabs VB-33686
    Broken layout when navigating up in URL dropdown VB-34118
    Reader view settings not cleared VB-33516


    [Regression] Tab switching actions are missing on first run (VB-31954)
    [Regression] Problems with visual tab switching (VB-32399)
    [Regression] Switching tabs by RMB+scroll also scrolls the page: Edit: further fix required (VB-23724)
    [Regression] Fast forward and Reader mode does not work in private windows (VB-32214)
    [Bookmarks] No bookmark dialog when the address bar is hidden (VB-7885)


    [Regression] Vertical spatial navigation skips half of the targets (VB-32958)
    [Bookmarks][Panels] Order is lost when dragging multiple list items (VB-33018)
    [Settings] Add text bubble highlighting input and dropdown lists (VB-30774)
    [Settings] Every widget reuses section title as tooltip if it doesn’t have one of its own (VB-32402)
    [Tabs] Prevent the tab mute icon from jumping (VB-14586)
    [Update notifier] Update notifier shows old available version on hover (VB-32676)
    IndexedDB not deleted when browser history is cleared (VB-33046)
    StartPage elements should get their own icon (VB-32858)
    Updated Chromium to 61.0.3163.102


    [Regression] Crash on (VB-32804)
    [Regression] Fix the style for typed history from the search field (VB-32335)
    [Regression] Not possible to copy just the domain part of long URL (VB-32850)
    [Keyboard Shortcuts] Ctrl+B turns on bookmarks in Gmail (VB-10134)
    [Keyboard Shortcuts] Unable to use keyboard shortcuts when focus is in select fields (VB-32701)
    [Settings] Homepage input field specified folder not found in search (VB-32622)
    [Settings] Settings search is slow (VB-32417)
    [Settings] Searchable settings section header (VB-32888)
    [Settings] Theme names don’t show up in settings search (VB-32600)
    Bad icon resolution in the pop-up window (VB-32789)
    Can’t share screen in google hangouts (VB-20439)
    Updating bundled favicons for search engines (VB-30468)


    [Regression] Jump down when dragging URL icon to a Bookmark Panel folder (VB-32608)
    [Regression] Re-introduce “Show extension” button in the extension manager (VB-32710)
    [Image Properties] Says “Analyzing image…” when you leave the page (VB-32699)
    [Image Properties] Separating GPS coordinates by underscores (VB-32754)
    [Image Properties] Space in image title becomes %20 (VB-32705)
    [Downloads] Download info rendering (VB-32646)
    [Search engines] Old search engines are not removed on upgrade (VB-32702)
    [Search engines] Change the default search engine for Ukraine (VB-32217)
    [Search engines] Custom search engines might be lost after upgrade (VB-32752)
    Updated some default bookmark links
    Updated Translations
    Updated Chromium to 61.0.3163.91


    [Regression] Apostrophe (’) becomes a number sign (#) in search (VB-32324)
    [Regression] Find-in-page cannot be called on vivaldi://extensions (VB-32565)
    [Regression] onSaveBookmark called twice (VB-32567)
    [Regression] The space key does not do fast forward (VB-32583)
    [Regression][Mac] Trackpad zooming stopped working (VB-32553)
    [Mac] Window button’s color scheme (VB-32587)
    [Downloads] Download Panel info line wrapping (VB-32578)
    [Image Properties] Add a property on a tab that returns the mimetype of the document (VB-32615)
    [Image Properties] Add all supported image mimetypes to image check (VB-32658)
    [Image Properties] Follow-up fixes for Image Properties (VB-32511)
    [Tabs] Moving selected group of tabs results in blank tabs (VB-28377)
    Updated Translations


    [New Feature] Inline image inspector (VB-3075)
    [Regression][Mac][Linux] Prevent mute button from disappearing on YouTube videos (VB-32486)
    [Regression] Session list is not visible in open session dialog (VB-32532)
    [Downloads] More download panel info (VB-6942)
    [Media] Platform media broken on macOS 10.13 (beta) (VB-32098)


    [Regression][Notes] Not starting a new line even when a note is too long (VB-32447)
    [Regression] Setting window’s scroll position is remembered for different section (VB-29565)
    [Regression] Shortcut to Allow All Keyboard Shortcuts no longer toggles on (VB-29968)
    [Settings] Highlight keyword for search results, search in child components (VB-30887)
    [Settings] Webpages settings better structure (VB-32346)
    [Bookmarks] Bookmark opens on single click even when being renamed (VB-29730)
    [Downloads] Speed indication can be lost in the Download Panel (VB-32363)
    Corrected height for Speed Dial thumbnails
    Moving a tab stack between windows with context menu breaks (VB-24095)
    Replace the current Bing search feed with a new one (VB-32416)
    Reload image does not work (VB-31976)
    Typo in StartPage name in Search settings (VB-32295)
    Updated Chromium to 61.0.3163.83


    [New Feature] Add info toggle to Download Panel (VB-6942)
    [New Feature] New setting to limit accent color saturation (VB-32249)
    [Regression] Images do not load with JS LazyLoad (VB-32059)
    [Regression] “Per user” installation does not inform about available updates (VB-30912)
    [Regression] Search suggestions don’t disappear when custom engine is set as default (VB-29952)
    [Downloads] Reflect state of download items (VB-20213)
    [Reader View] Pass text direction to page in Reader View (VB-31914)
    Cast is now a component extension (VB-25092)
    Create bookmark dialog focus (VB-32132)
    Clicking in the Search Field while it’s still in focus selects all text (VB-32082)
    Tab casting only sends updates when mouse gets moved (VB-30557)
    User defined default search engine is restored to Yahoo after update (VB-32089)
    Updated Chromium to 60.0.3112.113


    [New Feature][Downloads] Add support for “Sort by Type” (VB-32009)
    [Regression][Linux] Segfault crash (VB-30806)
    [Address Bar] Automatic URL decoding of the address bar strips encoded white space characters (VB-30764)
    [Media] Page crash with death bird icon when loading sound media (VB-28609)
    [Notes][Bookmarks] Folder tree collapses after search (VB-25441)
    [View Source] View Source: does not show the source code (VB-13899)
    [View Source] View Source shortcut (Ctrl+U) should work just once (VB-11886)
    [View Source] View Source omits colon from URL (VB-20833)
    Overriding window.i in vendor-bundle.js,inject spatnav using strict (VB-31020)
    Upgraded translations


    [Regression] Full-screen view with tabs positioned at the bottom shows the trash button at the bottom left corner (VB-30981)
    [Search Engine] Editing doesn’t check required fields (VB-21284)
    Widevine version breaks Netflix in Vivaldi (VB-30960)
    Vivaldi does not start with many bookmarks (VB-30865)
    Upgraded to Chromium to 60.0.3112.105


    [Mac] Allow selection of background window tabs VB-30684
    [Regression] Google Plus shows Unsupported Browser VB-30687
    [Regression] Minimized tab order fix VB-30273
    [Address Field] Inconsistent search – depends on keywords order VB-29626
    [Address Field] Selection is reset on tab updates VB-30603
    [Search Engines] Restoring default search always deletes custom ones VB-30888
    [Settings] Search looks in checkbox and radio button values VB-30531
    [Spatial Navigation] Selected element prevents scrolling down VB-30751
    [Tabs] Fullscreen gap in bottom-positioned tabs VB-30852
    [Tabs] Tab minimize interferes with stack renaming VB-23794
    Background tabs don’t unmute correctly when active tab gets closed VB-30368
    Context menu after RMB+scroll tab switch VB-30497
    Inline rename should save content when edit field loose focus VB-30744
    Minimize button becomes disabled on macOS (10.11.6) VB-27574
    Most user agent spoof rules has false positives VB-30645
    Prevent zoom range input scrolling VB-30675
    Reader mode ranges VB-29192
    Tab stack indicator drag freeze VB-30646
    When using tabs on left/right/bottom side, Vivaldi icon isn’t vertically centered VB-30844

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    Never the less I'll add the snapshots I missed the last 2 month below in this new post.

    Thanks to @EnderOfMidnight for reminding me ; )


    Known issues
    [Mac] Media problems

    [Regression][Mac] Chromecast menu cut in half (VB-42339)
    [Regression][Mac] Swipe navigation fails (VB-42997)
    [Regression][IME] CJK IMEs don’t work in the download search box (VB-42869)
    [Regression] Address field delay when going fullscreen (VB-37334)
    [Regression] Audio icon in tab does not go away (VB-42711)
    [Regression] Cannot scroll PDF document with cursor keys (VB-41191)
    [Regression] Closing a stacked tab causes more tiles than tabs (VB-42838)
    [Regression] Context menu does not show after docking or undocking dev tools (VB-42347)
    [Regression] Crash on undocking devtools (VB-41653)
    [Regression] Favicons disappear in tab bar (VB-29624)
    [Regression] Find in page light borders in buttons (VB-43041)
    [Regression] Hard to widen developer tools in docked mode (VB-42449)
    [Regression] Impossible to quit Vivaldi (VB-34824)
    [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work on popup windows (VB-42845)
    [Regression] Mouse gestures do not work while loading page (VB-41799)
    [Regression] No URL auto-focus on new homepage tab (VB-42480)
    [Regression] Panel toggle hides together with panel bar (VB-42859)
    [Regression] Tab order history extData fix (VB-42265)
    [Regression] Typing after text selection writes backwards (VB-42829)
    [Bookmarks] Importing bookmarks from Edge does not work (VB-25227)
    [Download] Unable to cancel Download dialog from keyboard (VB-16552)
    [Extension] Extension button “options” menu entry missing for options page v2 extensions (VB-27546)
    [Settings] Minimum active tab width setting (VB-42587)
    [Tabs] Hovering tab close button causes flicker (VB-42769)
    [Tabs] Prevent tabs from receiving accent color with window image on (VB-42833)
    [Tabs] Tab bar on left cannot be enlarged (VB-42855)
    [Tabs] Unread indicator overflows to other side of tab (VB-43042)
    [UI] New Welcome Page (VB-39395)
    [Web Panel] Page suggestion fixes (VB-42814)
    [Web Panel] Pre-defined Suggestions (VB-42367)
    Upgraded to Chromium 69
    Upgraded translations


    Known issues
    Autoupdate is disabled for this snapshot: download and install manually to try it
    Developer tools cannot be docked
    Mouse gestures drawbacks

    [New] Web panel suggestions VB-42007
    [New] Holding Command/Control opens new tab on history buttons VB-42075
    [Regression][Mac][Linux] Wrong language shown in the list VB-42343
    [Regression][Linux] Esc doesn’t close the search bar VB-40536
    [Regression][Windows][Linux] Pinch zoom does not work VB-40760
    [Regression][Windows] No permission dialogs with touch input VB-41237
    [Regression][IME] First letter gets confirmed when switching from a different tab VB-41153
    [Regression] Cannot enable or disable Speed Dial attribute on bookmark folders VB-42360
    [Regression] Cannot exit selection screen capture in notes VB-41916
    [Regression] Correct background color for dropdown arrows VB-42294
    [Regression] Crashes when downloading files from VB-42350
    [Regression] Crash when password dialog appears on a background tab VB-42428
    [Regression] Crash logger logs in %localappdata% instead stand alone crashpad VB-40739
    [Regression] Drop event is not triggered in tiled tabs VB-41421
    [Regression] External links added to stack VB-42138
    [Regression] Keyboard shortcuts can clash with website shortcuts VB-41212
    [Regression] LastPass won’t autofill VB-41275
    [Regression] More tiles than tabs VB-42263
    [Regression] New tab page is not focused VB-42421
    [Regression] Notes panel auto-closed when clicking in Trash view VB-42642
    [Regression] Panel resizing gets stuck while resizing VB-42435
    [Regression] Pinned tabs get closed VB-42537
    [Regression] Tab opened from cast dialog opens blank VB-25631
    [Regression] Tabs in session are not lazy-loaded VB-41901
    [Regression] Tiled tabs crash VB-41656
    [Address bar] Localize file size units in address bar VB-26818
    [Panels] Floating panel overflow VB-42734
    [Shortcuts] Possible to assign same shortcut to two commands VB-40916
    [Speed Dial] Suggestions list VB-42244
    [Sync] Store the case-sensitive actual Sync username separately VB-42632
    [Tabs] Inactive tiled start page does not render VB-42322
    [Themes] Remove rounding of Vivaldi menu button hit area VB-24422
    [Themes] Select colors button improvements VB-42349
    [UI] Add ” – Vivaldi” to the window title VB-5401
    [UI] Capture button icon not vertically centered VB-40407
    Upgraded to Chromium 68


    [Regression][Linux] Mouse Back and Forward Buttons skip two pages VB-41394
    [Regression][Mac] Alt+E keyboard shortcut crashes Vivaldi VB-42032
    [Regression][Mac] Blank tab/crash when inspecting page with undocked dev tools VB-41826
    [Regression][Mac] Corners are not rounded for all users VB-41851
    [Regression][Mac] Main menu commands not working in settings popup window VB-41912
    [Regression] Can’t zoom hibernated tabs after first access VB-41787
    [Regression] Crash when Authenticator extension is installed VB-41768
    [Regression] Download progress & notification missing VB-41969
    [Regression] Empty download panel with download in progress VB-41700
    [Regression] Open notes folders close on toggling the panel VB-42127
    [Regression] Pressing esc to close speed dial drawer is broken VB-42076
    [Regression] Select the content of the address field before creating a context menu VB-41760
    [Regression] URL field delayed selection VB-41907
    [Regression] Wrong language selected in the settings VB-41652
    [Dev Tools] Crash when opening developer tools with extensions enabled VB-41971
    [Dev Tools] Single key shortcuts triggered when editing in docked devtools VB-42118
    [Extension] Extension options pages don’t have favicons in tabs VB-9447
    [Settings] Hardware acceleration missing in Vivaldi settings VB-11517
    [Sync] Save the creation date of passwords VB-41707
    [Tabs] Right mouse button + wheel tab cycler stuck after mouse move VB-41399
    [Tab cycler] Tab cycling in recently used order breaks VB-42002
    [UI] Icons remain black in dark theme VB-42215
    Page Action “Filter Invert” fails VB-10695
    Scroll bars resilient to corner rounding and more at home on Windows VB-41576
    Wrong font for Traditional Chinese VB-42064


    [New feature] Show Qwant search engine in all regions (VB-41918)
    [New feature] List layout for visual tab cycler (VB-19167)
    [New feature] Focus-based panel auto collapse (VB-18296)
    [New feature] Tile new tabs in a tab stack (VB-40851)
    [Regression] The Reader icon does not show on some sites where it used to (VB-41715)
    [Regression] Hidden extensions buttons incorrectly moved to the address field (VB-41593)
    [Regression] Crash if undocked Developer Tools opens from popup (VB-41215)
    [Regression] Closing a page in tileset doesn’t realign the layout (VB-41824)
    [Regression] Removing hidden extension causes crash (VB-41773)
    [Regression] Vivaldi crashes on outlook notifier extension uninstall (VB-41745)
    [Regression] UI is blocked after navigating Back to speed dial (VB-41355)
    [Regression] Tile to Grid should align tiles to an actual grid (VB-41819)
    [Regression][Mac] Blank tab + Crash when opening Bookmark from windowless state (VB-41560)
    [Regression][Mac] Blank tab + Crash when opening PDF file from Downloads Panel (VB-41710)
    [Tabs] Scaled tiling layout not restored
    Clarify that deleting storage might also delete extension data in the UI (VB-41620)
    Links from Google Hangouts open in Hangouts pseudo-tab, not in main window tab (VB-37469)
    Further improvements to start up performance related to the download panel (VB-40417)


    [New feature] Make tiled tabs resizable (VB-5064)
    [New feature] Add predefined shortcuts for moving tabs left and right (VB-41415)
    [Regression][Quick Commands] URL gets displayed after right arrow key is pressed (VB-41351)
    [Regression] Crash on closing private window (VB-39613)
    [Regression] Dragging a tab over another refreshes the tab (VB-41548)
    [Regression] Not able to exit screen capture selection with escape button (VB-41338)
    [Regression] Vivaldi tab crashes when the viewport scrollbar disappears (VB-41185)
    [Regression] Do not track header is not sent in the first load of a new tab (VB-41485)
    [Regression] Problem with displaying extensions popup balloons in private window (VB-41362)
    [Mac][Media] Treat Mono AAC as Stereo to allow it to work (VB-41624)


    [New feature] Add options to support floating/overlay panels (VB-18296)
    [Regression][Windows][Linux] Crash when opening PDFs in Vivaldi (VB-41021)
    [Regression][Windows] Alt does not open main menu if multiple windows are open (VB-41184)
    [Regression][Mac][Linux] Right-click after Mouse Gesture performs no action (VB-41316)
    [Regression][Mac] Vivaldi will not Quit from windowless state (VB-41304)
    [Regression][Mac] Drop-down menus crash Vivaldi (VB-41350)
    [Regression] Crash opening links from devtools (VB-41381)
    [Regression] Extension toggle is displayed in URL field when hiding page action buttons (VB-41339)
    [Regression] Some events not reaching pages in tiled tabs (VB-38353)
    [Regression] Extensions page requires login if loaded in private window (VB-41206)
    [Regression] Cannot select text on internal pages (VB-40276)
    [Regression] URL selection is collapsed every other try (VB-41300)


    [Regression] Impossible to add bookmarks more than once (VB-41062)
    [Regression] Tab back/forward history lost on drag and drop (VB-39001)
    [Windows] Update Installer (VB-40256)
    [Windows] Win 8/10 have a feature that allows desktop apps to customise their start menu tiles, make it work in Vivaldi (VB-31931)
    [macOS] Corner rounding shows corners on tab bar (VB-41025)
    Pinned tab audio icon grey instead of black (VB-40587)
    “+” button incorrectly placed while tab bar animates (VB-41131)
    UI-less mode after video fullscreen (VB-41022)
    Download panel slows down Vivaldi during startup (VB-40417)
    Change strings ALT > Alt (VB-40589)
    Save Capture to File from Menu Always saves as PNG (VB-34841)
    Upgraded to Chromium 67 (3396)


    [Regression] Filtered settings freeze on theme switch (VB-41009)
    [Regression] Missing options for Downloaded files (VB-41045)
    [Pinned Tabs] Pinned tab loses pin status when opened as new window (VB-39512)
    [Sync] Make sure sync is set as inactive once the engine has stopped (VB-40908)
    [UI] Close button on infobar hardly visible with dark theme (VB-40907)
    [UI] Menu can’t be accessed when “ALT Key for Main Menu” is disabled (VB-40899)
    Infobar reappears on tab switching (VB-41060)


    [Regression] Permission changes displayed twice (VB-40768)
    [Win7] Closing and re-opening developer tools causes crash (VB-40650)
    [Mac] Change occupied F11 shortcuts to F10 (VB-38180)
    [Linux] Don’t try to append absolute paths to empty FilePath’s objects (VB-40783)
    [IME][Quick Commands] Esc key should close input suggestion list only (VB-37561)
    [IME][Search Field] Esc key should close input suggestion list only (VB-40829)
    [IME][Address Field] Esc key should close input suggestion list only (VB-40830)
    [UI] Enabling UI after exiting video fullscreen (VB-40590)
    [UI] New tab input field locked with about:blank (VB-35016)
    [UI] Permanent permissions infobar when reloading manually (VB-40799)
    [UI] Text on infobar hardly readable with dark theme (VB-40395)
    [Speed Dials] Crash upon remove/adding Speed Dial folder (VB-35180)
    [Speed Dials] Fade Speed Dial navigation button text (VB-14171)
    [Speed Dials] Speed Dial suggestion scroll bar missing (VB-40871)
    [Web Panel] Update the web Panel Mobile user agent (VB-40752)
    Backported applicable Chromium 67 security patches


    [Regression] F3(Find in Page) Cycle no longer possible (VB-40504)
    [Regression] Theme schedule time sliders don’t work (VB-40285)
    [Bookmarks] Bookmarks can be non-reversibly converted to separators (VB-40463)
    [Search] Search field history now cleared when Session Only setting in Save Browsing History is selected (VB-34960)
    [Shortcuts] Allow disabling or reassiging the keyboard shortcut (Alt) that opens the Vivaldi menu (VB-12686)
    [Speed Dials] Use Foreground in stead of Accent Foreground color on Speed Dial folders (VB-40481)
    [Sync] Hide unnecessary setting information in private window (VB-40066)
    Simulate browser restart is broken (VB-34851)
    UA spoof (VB-39784)
    When the UI process crashes, restart the application (VB-40388)
    Wrong favicon for shortened partner links (VB-38769)


    [Linux] Vivaldi will crash if the user installs a third party with unresolved dependencies VB-39825
    [Themes] The background of the Menu bar not match with the Tab bar background VB-37886
    [Themes] Checkboxes in Settings Look Like Radio Buttons if Corner Rounding is High VB-40243
    [Themes] Poorly visible tree separator in dark themes
    [Quick Commands] Search does not work if there is a space at the beginning of the line VB-40199
    Privacy settings needs a link to privacy page VB-39542
    Further backported Chromium v66 security patches


    [Regression] Search engine dropdown list blocked IME text selection (VB-37068)
    [Keyboard] There are some non-reassignable shortcuts (VB-39886)
    [Windows 10][Media] Reddit Videos Freeze Vivaldi (VB-31952)
    [Notes] Empy note content after search and adding note (VB-39913)
    [Themes] Updated Default Themes (VB-23107)
    [Search] Setup only replaces first “%s” (VB-19865)
    [Sync] Possibility to “Clear Data on Server” right after signing in (VB-39985)
    Inverted favicons in dark themes (VB-39657)
    Holding (instead of pressing) F1 opens multiple (infinte) “Help-Tabs” (VB-29053)
    Status info overlay stays open until you click the page (VB-11943)
    Text height is different between address field and search field (VB-39967)
    Bottom part of menu bar in native window is invisible when tab bar is not on top (VB-39656)
    Wrong icon size used for for browser action icon (VB-39808)
    Backported applicable Chromium 66 security patches


    [Regression][Win] Alt gestures do not work on web pages (VB-39669)
    [Regression] Duplicate Settings title in native popup (VB-39658)
    [Regression] Notes panel blank after search and reopening panel (VB-39575)
    [Mac] Keychain entry has wrong name (VB-9640)
    [Mac] Graphite window controls more graphite (VB-38243)
    [Mac] Tab Stacking settings checkbox remains ticked (VB-39173)
    [Bookmarks] Saving tabstack with a name as bookmarks doesn’t carry over the name (VB-39426)
    [Dev Tools] Allow for local devtools overrides and other confirm infobars to be proxied to the web side (VB-37858)
    [Download] Download progress rendering (VB-18569)
    [Extensions] Keyboard shortcuts don’t work (VB-14668)
    [History] History Manager “Hide info” tooltip (VB-37537)
    [Keyboard] Add keyboard shortcut handlers to move active tab Left/Right (VB-24572)
    [Keyboard] Esc should close chrome extension (VB-39686)
    [Notes] Select note in markdown mode (VB-39360)
    [Notes] Separators are still visible in sorted view (VB-39745)
    [Search Engine] Add search engine dialog shouldn’t show suggest URL (VB-21970)
    [Search Engine] Default search engine in new window (VB-38657)
    [Search Engine] Ensure search engine protocol (VB-37970)
    [Search Engine] Search URL with certain characters crashes settings (VB-28117)
    [Sync] Input field not aligned in Sync settings (VB-38976)
    [Sync] Notes with empty title are duplicated (VB-35453)
    [Sync] Status icons (VB-39274)
    [Tab] Add tab to stack gives ‘random’ order (VB-5585)
    [Tab] Bring favicon background back to accented tabs (VB-20328)
    [Tab] Tab order in stacks is broken (VB-39604)
    [Tab Bar] Menu icon cut off in native view (VB-39656)
    Download panel not updating in another window (VB-35892)
    Updating CSS filters (VB-38170)


    [Regression] Crash on attempt to open links from external apps and having extensions that listen to chrome.tabs updates installed (VB-39450)
    [Regression] Cursor is flickering on text hover (VB-39485)
    [Regression] Vivaldi closes when opening bookmarks from the bookmarks bar (VB-39593)
    Updated translations


    [Regression] Do not move private pinned tabs when closing window (VB-39311)
    [Regression] External links open in background tab (VB-39437)
    [Regression] Pinch and spread gestures zoom whole UI (VB-39328)
    [Regression] Privacy error not shown – can’t open unsafe websites (VB-38848)
    [Regression] Thumbnail not generated when adding a new speed dial entry (VB-39487)
    Security Chromium patches from v66
    Updated translations


    Known issues
    [Regression] Cursor is flickering on text hover VB-39485

    [Regression] Alt gestures do not work on web pages VB-39321
    [Regression] Bookmarks bar sort falls back to manual VB-39483
    [Regression] Mouse exit (onmouseleave) events being ignored in Vivaldi UI VB-38880
    [Regression] Non session tabs have context menu with wrong coordinates VB-39318
    [Media] Slow audio VB-36469


    Known issues
    [Regression] Alt gestures do not work on web pages VB-39321

    [Regression] Lazy loading broken VB-39343
    [Regression] Pinned tabs don’t show up in window search VB-39357


    Known issues
    [Regression] Alt gestures do not work on web pages VB-39321

    [Regression] Click & drag to mark text fails at bottom of viewport VB-38818
    [Regression] History page does not load history VB-39151
    [Regression] Mouse gestures not reliable VB-38919
    [Regression] No hand mouse pointer over links VB-38823
    [Media] Broken sound from online radio and MP3 files VB-30381


    [Regression] Some extensions don’t react on mouse click (VB-38617)
    [Regression] Tab back/forward history lost on drag and drop (VB-39001)
    [Regression] Vivaldi tree not populated (VB-38229)
    [Regression] Window is closed when closing last tab stack (VB-39120)
    [Linux] Save password dialog does not show up (VB-38805)
    [Mac]’Manage Bookmarks’ can be shown after bookmarks (VB-39155)
    [Speed Dials] Pending thumbnail updates displayed incorrectly in status bar (VB-38918)
    [Speed Dials] Tiled SD links open in wrong tile (VB-38891)
    [Sync] Don’t display unknown sync status when not logged in (VB-39061)
    Themes with rounded corners cut part of characters typed in search field (VB-38752)
    Google Chat is not supported in Vivaldi (VB-39030)


    [Regression] Alt+letter shortcut doesn’t work to open main menu (VB-32821)
    [Regression] Content scripts are not loaded on startup (VB-38849)
    [Regression] Open link in private window crashes Vivaldi (VB-38684)
    [Regression] Quick Commands menu does not hide by clicking on the page (VB-38640)
    [Regression] Right click context menu opens with wrong coordinates when opening before a page has finished loading (VB-38868)
    [Regression] [Linux] Cannot use the right click context menu with mouse gestures and rocker gestures enabled with a scaled (HiDPI) display (VB-38504)
    [Mac] Shortcut for emoji (Ctrl+⌘+[Space]) not working on Mac OS X: works in Vivaldi UI only for now (VB-18960)
    [Bookmarks] “Add Bookmark” dialog cut off in popup windows (VB-38858)
    [Mouse Gestures] Gestures don’t paint after settings search (VB-38396)
    [Notes] Wrong focus styling on buttons and avoid jumping text (VB-38922)
    [Search engine] Restore buttons overflow (VB-33519)
    [Sync] Tweaks to the sync UI (VB-38768)
    Context menu covers the address bar item when bar on the bottom (VB-38866)
    Updated Chromium to 65.0.3325.183


    Known issues
    [Linux] Cannot use the right click context menu with mouse gestures and rocker gestures enabled with a scaled (HiDPI) display (VB-38504)
    [Linux] Save password dialog does not show up (VB-38805)

    [Regression] Gestures executed multiple times (VB-38720)
    [Regression] Missing number of reloading Speed Dials (VB-38679)
    [Mac] Default shortcuts for next/previous tab changed to “⌥+⌘+[Arrow]” — used to be “⇧+⌘+[Arrow]” (VB-18300)
    [Address bar] Update Refresh and Home icons (VB-38767)
    [Bookmarks] Bookmark indicator does not always update (VB-37274)
    [Bookmarks] Can not create new bookmark from context menu (VB-38781)
    [Bookmarks] Folder menu cover the bookmarks bar item when bar on the bottom (VB-10288)
    [Quick Commands] Rounded corners on Quick Commands (VB-38719)
    [Search engine] Prevent removal of default search engine (VB-38379)
    Crash dialog isn’t localized (VB-4572)
    Ghost processes after Speed Dials reload (VB-38677)
    Mark active page in cycler (VB-11010)
    Save password dialog is misplaced in fullscreen and maximized mode (VB-38723)
    Speed Dial Update causes timeout (VB-38725)


    Known issues
    [Linux] Cannot use the right click context menu with mouse gestures and rocker gestures enabled in a HiDPI environment (VB-38504)
    Mouse gesture over links are not completely fixed, some links cause multiple tabs to spawn

    [Regression] Link gestures broken on Windows (VB-38611)
    [Regression] No progress info is updated (VB-38590)
    [Regression] Permission dialogs do not show up when page has focus (VB-38522)
    [Regression] Reader Mode does not work properly (VB-38605)
    [Address bar] Make tab cycle through address bar results (VB-38616)
    [Bookmarks] Add possibility to add Separator from blank space (VB-38604)
    [Bookmarks] Add option to Delete separator from context menu (VB-38602)
    [Bookmarks] It takes a long time to open V-menu with a big set of bookmarks (VB-38162)
    [Bookmarks] Main folders from Speed dials are not highlighted (VB-38574)
    Visual tab switcher cycling (VB-38565)
    Upgraded translations

  • @zaibon said in Snapshot Change logs - starting with the first 1.12 Snapshot:

    It appears that the maximum length a post can have are no more than 32767 characters.... what the ... who came up with this strange number??

    It's the maximum number representable in C with a signed short int (16 bit number) which is 0x7fff in hex.

  • @ian-coog
    Aaaah the fog of nescience is lifting. Thanks for the info - looks like I'll never stop learning. ^^

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