Vivaldi Backup and Restore/Hekasoft Backup and Restore Program

  • Has anyone used the Hekasoft Backup and Restore Program with Vivaldi? Appears to be an easy way to backup up Vivaldi.....looking for some feedback before i try it.....TIA

  • @douglas9 What do you want to backup from vivaldi. Most of the stuff can simply be backed up by making a copy of your default folder.
    You can find the path to your default folder in the second line from the bottom at vivaldi://about

    And when you scroll down in this vivaldi helparticle you'll find everything the default folder contains.

    My personal way of looking at it is that I don't trust "usefull ulities" only as far as I can throw them even shorter when I can do the same work they do with less than 5 clicks myself.

  • Being a belt-and-suspenders kind of user, I employ both manual backups and Hekasoft backups of all my browser and eMail program data files. An advantage of Hekasoft is that it provides a one-shortcut backup that can be used to individually back up a variety of program data files. I've found it to be useful, though I'm conversant enough with batch files to have also created a master backup batch file for my system that does the same thing for all my programs' data, both automatically on a schedule and manually from a single shortcut.

    Having been burned in the past by defective backups (for whatever reasons), I maintain multiple levels and kinds of backups of everything, the frequency of their creation depending on the importance of the information... eg, full system images are created less often than data backups, and different kinds of backups are preserved on different kinds of media in different locations.

  • I don't know about that one, but you can copy your profile folder

    • F1 > Full Reset of Vivaldi

    and then, test the program.

    In case you are not using any other back up software, maybe you could consider options like Syncback, it will allow to do the browser's backup as Heckasoft does, but could back up more folders also, from Roaming/Local, as well as Quick Lauch, SendTo, your user's related Documents, Videos...

    The free version does not have a Scheduler but you can call it from a Task Schedule and then run the needed profiles.

    Not only Browser's data needs a back up.

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  • @blackbird
    Thanks for the reply....Just wanted to get some feedback before giving it a whirl....It should meet my minimal requirements......

    Are you the same Blackbird who was a frequent poster on the "old" Opera forums? BB was one of the most informed posters there.......IMHO Guess there lots of us refugees here from the last great Opera......

    Thanks again...

  • @douglas9 said in Vivaldi Backup and Restore/Hekasoft Backup and Restore Program:

    Are you the same Blackbird who was a frequent poster on the "old" Opera forums? ...

    He be me. 馃槈

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