Slow scrolling speed on Kubuntu/Linux/GNU

  • Hello!

    I love Linux/GNU and KDE.
    I currently use Kubuntu 17.10.
    I use Vivaldi as my main browser.
    I find scrolling in web-browsers, included Vivaldi very slow.
    Changing this in the mouse settings doesn't change the scroll speed in Vivaldi.
    Is there anything I can do to make my mouse wheel, scroll faster?

    Thank you in advanced.

  • Have you tried disabling smooth scrolling (Settings --> Webpages)? I always perceive scrolling as extremely slow with it enabled.

  • @caine Yes. It makes low to no difference. But thank you very much for the suggestion.

  • @masterzelex This is different to what you have asked about, but i thought i'd mention it to you in case you might find it useful. If you install the AutoScroll extension from the Chrome store, you will be able to autoscroll on most sites. I've used it for years in all my Chromium-based Linux browsers & it's great. It's basically the only way i scroll pages these days. Maybe you might like it too.


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