My How to: Launch Chrome App from shortcut

  • It took me far too long to find this so I'll post the solution here in case others run across the same issue.

    In order to create a shortcut on your desktop/start menu/taskbar to a chrome app installed in Vivaldi so that it actually starts the app and not an empty browser window, you simply need to modify the shortcut with two additional command line arguments:

    (this tells the shortcut to open in "kiosk" mode - in other words that you're wanting to open an app and not just run Vivaldi like normal)

    (this is where you need the ID for the app which can be found on the Chrome Web Store URL for the app - more info below)


    This is the Chrome Web Store URL for the Tokenizator app. Take note of the random string of characters after the app name—this is the app ID you need to add in the arguments for the shortcut.

    1. Install the app (I am not recommending this one, just using it as an example)
    2. Visit vivaldi://apps
    3. Right-click on the app and choose "Create Shortcuts"
    4. Navigate to the location where the shortcut was created (desktop, start menu, etc.)
      4a) For example, If it's on your Start Menu, right-click it, go down to More, and choose Open File Location
    5. Right-click the shortcut and choose Properties
    6. Place your cursor at the end of the Target box (after the word "vivaldi.exe")
    7. Put in the two arguments discussed at the beginning of this post followed by the random string of characters you noted from the app URL. It should look something like this:

    ...vivaldi.exe --app --app-id=cfeppjpdaokjflnpmdmflnhecgbjicjm

    1. Click OK and now you can click on the shortcut and it will open just the app by itself in its own little window without running another instance of the Vivaldi browser (and not showing any app).

    Success. Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions for improvement, or just want to throw things.

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