Widevine and Flash for Vivaldi on ARM (Spotify and Tidal access)

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    Need to use a DRM'd proprietary media in Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi (.e.g. Spotify) or sites that use Flash (e.g. Tidal)? Both are possible.

    You can extract Widevine and Flash binaries for Linux ARMHF from ChromeOS recovery images.

    For these to work you will first you will need to get proprietary media working.

    Here are the steps to extract these libs .

    • Find a URL to a suitable ARMHF ChromeOS recovery image:
    CHROMEOSR=$(wget -qO- https://dl.google.com/dl/edgedl/chromeos/recovery/recovery.conf | grep -A11 -F 'name=Acer Chromebook R13 (CB5-312T)' | sed -n 's/^url=//p')
    • Download the recovery image (around 1Gb in size):
    wget $CHROMEOSR
    • Uncompress the image (2Gb+ uncompressed):
    unzip $(basename $CHROMEOSR)
    • Find a free loop device:
    LOOPD=$(losetup -f)
    • Associate all the partions on the disk image with loop devices:
    sudo losetup -P $LOOPD $(basename $CHROMEOSR .zip)
    • Make a directory to be used for mounting:
    mkdir chromeos
    • Mount the third partion of the disk image onto that directory:
    sudo mount -o ro ${LOOPD}p3 chromeos
    • If you are doing this from the Raspberry Pi itself, you can now install the libs as follows:
    sudo install -Dm644 chromeos/opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    sudo install -Dm644 chromeos/opt/google/chrome/pepper/libpepflashplayer.so /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/libpepflashplayer.so
    • Alternatively, if you are doing this from another machine simply the libs out of the image now, so that you can transfer them to the Rasperry Pi later:
    cp chromeos/opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so .
    cp chromeos/opt/google/chrome/pepper/libpepflashplayer.so  .
    • Cleanup:
    sudo umount chromeos
    rmdir chromeos
    sudo losetup -d ${LOOPD}
    rm -vi $(basename $CHROMEOSR .zip)

  • Vivaldi Team

    @ruario Very nice! It's so simple!

  • Vivaldi Team

    This post is deleted!

  • Vivaldi Team

    I have added these steps to our ARM/Raspberry Pi help page.

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