Widevine and Flash for Vivaldi on ARM (Spotify and Tidal access)

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    Need to use a DRM'd proprietary media in Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi (.e.g. Spotify) or sites that use Flash (e.g. Tidal)? Both are possible.

    You can extract Widevine and Flash binaries for Linux ARMHF from ChromeOS recovery images.

    For these to work you will first you will need to get proprietary media working.

    Here are the steps to extract these libs [EDIT] Replaced with a script

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    @ruario Very nice! It's so simple!

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    This post is deleted!

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    I have added these steps to our ARM/Raspberry Pi help page.

  • Is this process still expected to work with current versions of Vivaldi? I ran through it and have the libwidevinecdm.so, etc. in /opt/google/chrome and the auto-generated symlinks to them in /opt/vivaldi.

    As I've seen both elsewhere on this forum and in comments on the script used to download the Chrome OS recovery package, Widevine is not showing up in chrome://components and no Widevine-encrypted media is playable for me (no Netflix, no Spotify). I do have the User Agent Switcher extension set up with the User Agent from the help page.

    My Raspbian is 32-bit. I'm not sure what else there is I should mention that could be relevant, feel free to ask if any of it can help. I did see somebody do this; I don't know what it means but it seems to show that Vivaldi is aware libwidevinecdm.so is there, but I'm not getting any luck so far.

    $ lsof libwidevinecdm.so 
    vivaldi-b 15932   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 15934   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 16073   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 16080   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 16090   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 16214   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so
    vivaldi-b 16276   pi mem    REG  179,2  6755736 5338 /opt/google/chrome/libwidevinecdm.so

    EDIT: Using the test page bitmovin.com/demos/drm, I see "Detected ?, using widevine" and "Encrypted Media Extension - EME; EME is supported by your current browser," with a check mark next to widevine, so perhaps it not showing up in chrome://components isn't an issue? However, the test video fails to play, saying "Error is unknown (UNKNOWN)".

    I get similar behavior on encrypted services Spotify and Netflix. When trying to play music on Spotify, I receive the error "Oooops, something went wrong with the playback. Reload". On Netflix, I get "Whoops, something went wrong... Unexpected error; There was an unexpected error. Please reload the page and try again. Error code: C7361-1254". Unfortunately, this is not an error code that Netflix documents in their help pages.

    EDIT 2: And yes, I do have chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra installed.

    EDIT 3: My Vivaldi build is vivaldi-stable_2.2.1388.37-1_armhf.deb.

    EDIT 4: Trying to see if it would throw any errors, I launched vivaldi-stable from the terminal and received this notice:

    $ vivaldi-stable
    No suitable library for HTML5 proprietary media (MP4[H.264/AAC]) was found,
    therefore only open codecs will play.
    To add support for proprietary media, issue the following command and restart Vivaldi:
      curl https://launchpadlibrarian.net/395139898/chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra_70.0.3538.77-0ubuntu0.16.04.1_armhf.deb |\
      tail -c+1073 | tar xJ -C ~ --wildcards \*libffmpeg.so --xform 's,.*/,.local/lib/vivaldi/,'

    I haven't tested Netflix yet, but running this command seems to have resolved my issues, I'm currently listening to Spotify in Vivaldi.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this post, I hope it's helpful for others in the same situation.


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