Unable to delete a Pandora Radio Station

  • I have Seasonal Music going on Pandora and wanted to delete one that was a little to 'modern' for us. The 'delete' process in Pandora works fine on Firefox...NOT on Vivaldi.

    Am I missing something here ?

  • Phooey.... I'll just keep FireFox for Pandora.... Maybe Vivaldi will catch up on this little thing...

  • If you're talking about https://www.pandora.com/
    "Pandora is only available in the U.S. right now "
    Sorry, can't test it.

  • Yeah, I was talking THAT Pandora.... and I honestly didn't realize the geographic restriction. Too bad, great for some things................My unsandboxed FireFox runs the station selection perfect, but Vivaldi PLAYS them better !

  • Not Vivaldi problem; MINE [somehow]. Did a complete uninstall...then a fresh install, and, using the default settings the Pandora problem is gone. Must have been something I clicked as I was learning the browser..........have to be more careful tailoring the settings


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