Print, Save as .pdf question.

  • When I'm working on my websites, sometimes I like to save pages as .pdf files for records of what the pages were like at a particular time - my pages change around, and sometimes it is helpful to look back for reference. It works best for me if they are in .pdf format.

    Normally, I open a page, right click, Print, make sure it is set to .pdf and then save. It works, but I have to do it over and over for many pages.

    Maybe I'm dreaming, but what I'd like to do is be on the contents page, and be able to have all 1st level links saved as .pdf files. Anyone know a way to do this with an extension or....?

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    @felemur Dream on, but I think you're being over-optimistic.

    Personally, I prefer File, Save page as complete web page. Links remain active. This can also work with some PDF drivers.

    Post in the Feature Requests thread

  • LOL - I do tend to dream a lot!!

    I think this would make a great extension, but I will post in the feature requests.

    Thanks for the reply.


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