Keyboard shortcut "Previous Tab (Recent)" does not switch between 2 recent/active tabs with one key anymore

  • Okay I'll try to be as clear as possible. And since this was working ever since the very beginning, I still submitted a bug report on this even if this change was intentional or something. I'll just copy what I wrote in the bug wizard. VB-35064

    Here it goes...

    Before I installed the latest stable, I set CMD+1 to 'Previous Tab (Recent)' and CMD+2 and 3 to cycle tabs left and right respectively. Basically I only have 3 keys for tab switching. I was pretty reliant with my CMD+1 shortcut since if I have many tabs open, I can switch between 2 tabs with just 1 key. They keep on switching with each other because they see it as the "previous" or the most "recent" active tab.

    So let's say I have four tabs open. If I activate tab 2, then I switch to tab 4 using the mouse, I could just keep pressing CMD+1 and they would switch between each other so I don't need to go thru tab 1 or 3. And like I said, since every time they switch between each other, they register both as "recent" tabs which I actually prefer. This only works when I let go of CMD every after I use the shortcut, 'cause if I keep on holding down CMD then it will cycle thru every previous/recent tabs and not just the two. This is not the case anymore. Now I need to set both 'Previous Tab (Recent)' and 'Next Tab (Recent)' with a key of their own.

    The problem now for this is for example, what if I set these shortcuts to key "1" and "2" and while you're switching constantly with a lot of tabs using these keys then it's possible that a tab to your left activates when you press on "2" and when "1" is pressed a tab activates on the right which becomes very confusing now. A big reason why I prefer using only one key for this.

    I prefer the old behaviour.

    -- Vivaldi Stable on Mac 10.13.1. I haven't tested this on Windows yet.

  • I have this issue too. By the way, if you change the default behaviour for Ctrl+tab (or the Mac equivalent) to most recent, that key combination behaves as you would expect - switching between two most recent tabs.

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