Red dots in dark areas of images with hardware acceleration enabled

  • Since the last update to 1.13 I now have the above described problem. The red dots do only appear on images, not in videos (e.g. youtube). See the pictures below.
    With HW acceleration disabled the red dots disappear. Firefox and Edge do not have this problem and I can play games and watch videos without any issues, so I rule out a failing graphics card or faulty video RAM.
    Any ideas how to solve this? I'd rather use HW acceleration. It seems to me, video playback without it is somewhat less smooth.

    1_1511640978195_red dots2.PNG 0_1511640978195_red dots.PNG

    My specs:
    Win10 Pro Ver. 1709 64bit
    Intel Core i7 [email protected] speed
    nVidia GTX1080 (driver ver. 388.13)
    16 GB RAM

  • Perhaps a NVidia driver issue. Do you use the latest from NVidia?

    Do you have a link for me to check it on the page with my installation?

  • Just tested it with the latest nVidia driver (388.31). The problem persists.
    It also occurs on all websites. Interestingly, I've made a screenshot with the built-in tool of Vivaldi, and suprisingly no red dots are visible. I've made another screenshot with the Windows snipping tool from the same webpage:

    0_1511729076505_no red dots.jpg

    0_1511729129133_red dots 3.jpg

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