unsupported, need chrome

  • Hello all,

    Google is slowly moving from Hangouts to Meet when new Events are created via the site

    Hangouts has always worked perfectly in Vivaldi, but Meet seems to be "unsupported"

    alt text

    I tried with a user agent switcher, but still no luck.

    Does enyone else have this issue and have found a workaround? For now i am having tu run two browsers that is not ideal.


  • complain to Google, they want you to use Chrome only.

  • I'm having the same issue too. I think you should contact Google Support and complain to them like @iAN-CooG says.

  • Didn't mean for this to come off as a complaint, i know that this is a change Google have made, and not a Vivaldi issue per say.

    Just looking to see if anyone here has a solution as Google's answer will be use Chrome, but will try that too.

  • You can fake the user agent by opening dev tools (f12)
    in the 3 vertical dots menu select Network conditions;
    User agent, uncheck Select Automatically, and then select "Chrome - Windows"
    This actually works for me, it doesn't redirect to the unsupported page.
    I don't know what happens next, if the service requires Google credentials APIs, you're back to square 1, it's only supported by Chrome anyway.
    I see myself logged in because I have a gmail account.

    EDIT: I've tried User-Agent Switcher for Chrome, works with it set to Chrome 61 for Windows, you might have to edit the user agent to reflect a newer Chrome version if it's not updated.

  • @ian-coog

    Perfect! this works and have tested now in a meeting too.

    so the user agent extention did not work, but the dev-tools did.

    Thanks for the help 😉

  • @ian-coog said in unsupported, need chrome:

    User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

    this works for me but as said you may have to edit the user agent string, which is basically the SAME as Vivaldi, but without the last part with "Vivaldi 1.94 etcetc"

  • Hi, I have add a string to User Agent Switcher and it work on many pages where "Default" does not work.

    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/59.0.3071.104 Safari/537.36

    Cheers, mib

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    @electristan said in unsupported, need chrome:

    Google is slowly moving from Hangouts to Meet when new Events are created via the site
    Hangouts has always worked perfectly in Vivaldi, but Meet seems to be "unsupported"

    Perhaps Vivaldi can patch the uer agent od.

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