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    I was looking for the so-called "presentation mode" and found the discussion linked above. So, ctrl+F11 (⌘ F11 on Mac) toggles almost all UI elements, which is effectively a presentation mode.

    Now, my question is, where is this feature found in the menu hierarchy?

    I would think it should be in the "View" menu, shouldn't it? It's impossible for me to remember this shortcut because I use it only occasionally. (But, when I need it I need it.)

    I've just found that the shortcut is listed in "Help" > "Keyboard Cheat Sheet", but still . . .

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    @ryofurue On windows I see it listed under Menu > Window > Go Fullscreen

  • @lonm That's not it .That is F11, not Chromeless mode Ctrl+F11

  • @ryofurue The option is NOT available in the menu (yet).

    However, the only shortcut you need to remember is F2 - then type toggle.

  • @tbgbe said in "Presentation mode" again:

    @ryofurue The option is NOT available in the menu (yet).

    Thanks for the information. I thought maybe I wasn't looking in the right place.

    However, the only shortcut you need to remember is F2 - then type toggle.

    Aha! That's a clever answer. My next task is to try to remember that the word that starts the name of the feature I'm looking for is "toggle" 😉 You know, the feature I'm looking for is often called the "presentation mode".

    I'm saying this in a tongue-in-cheek manner, not in an offensive mood, but I always forget the name of the feature I'm looking for and I always forget shortcuts except for those I use daily. The only reliable way to invoke a feature which I don't use daily is to look into the main menu or the right-click menu.

    Especially because I sometimes use Firefox and Google Chrome, it's really hard for me to remember the names or shortcuts.

    In addition, for the presentation mode, there is no standard shortcut or name. For example, the Skim PDF viewer calls it "Presentation" and uses Alt+Command+P for it. On Acrobat Reader, it's "Full Screen Mode" and Command+L. How can one possibly remember that it's called "Toggle UI" and invoked with Command+F11 on Vivaldi?

    What I typically do is, "Let's see if there is the presentation mode on this thing [web-browser, PDF viewer, etc.] . . . Here is the fullscreen mode in the View menu . . . No this isn't it. . . . Maybe this Toggle UI thing sounds like it . . . Yes, it is it!"

  • @ryofurue I agree - naming things is very inconsistent.
    Personally, I can't remember either, so try to keep it easy to remember (but harder to invoke) :

    1. Full Screen (F11)
    2. Don't want URL Bar ... Ctrl-Shift-U
    3. Don't want TAB Bar ... Ctrl-Shift-T
    4. Don't want Status Bar ... Ctrl-Shift-S

    Note: An advantage is that each can be used individually as required.


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