Dictionary Lookup Trackpad Gesture

  • In Safari, tapping on any text with 3 fingers provides dictionary lookup on the text the cursor hovers over. Firefox has failed to provide this feature for years, but I need it. Please provide it.

  • I second that, since it hasn't been added yet. Along with a good gesture support, it's one of my biggest objections with Vivaldi.

  • Bumping this thread, as this is probably the only feature I'm really missing from Vivaldi and I imagine (hope) it is quite easy to implement, as it's a part of the OS.

    I can't threaten you about stopping using Vivaldi, as its UI scale option is vital for me and it's probably the fastest browser for me right now, but please, include this feature! Or not and just keep up the good work, I can live with that as well! 😃


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