HTML5 Problems on Fedora 27

  • Yeah, I know. This forum already has many posts and proposed solutions to the "infamous" h264 problem. But since Fedora 27 is newly released, and because so many of the linux users here use other distros (Ubuntu and SUSE in particular), I haven't found a solution.

    Odd, because I did, maybe accidentally, a few months ago using F26 and a suggestion (since lost) from somewhere on these forums...

    If anyone using F27 is able to see HTML5 vids from YouTube, please tell us your secret!

  • @jbuckley2004 Hi. I know this does not help you, but having noticed that you mentioned SUSE, i felt i should just mention that V in my openSUSE Tumbleweed has been & continues to work just fine with all videos; Flash & HTML5, across every site i routinely or spasmodically try... including YouTube. Good luck in finding the problem root cause in F27.

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    Please tell, did you read hints in

  • Hi,

    In my experience, after downloading and running the script referred to in the post above ( , on Fedora you then need to copy the that this script installs into the vivaldi directory to overwrite the version that the rpm installed.

    I.e., if your username was 'xxxx' then ..

    sudo cp /home/xxxx/.local/lib/vivaldi/ /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/lib/

    However, if you are running the release/stable version (vs snapshot) then you'd adjust the command to :

    sudo cp /home/xxxx/.local/lib/vivaldi/ /opt/vivaldi/lib/

    Replacing the installed by the vivaldi rpms with the one downloaded/extracted by the file-latest-proprietary-media-sh script certainly works for me on both Fedora 26 & 27 for h.264 & mp4 videos.

    Test via :

    ( The only irritation is redoing this process when updating vivaldi.)


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