(Bug) - Unable to access Chat Windows.....

  • I have become a big over the last short year using Vivaldi.

    A few times now, with several occasions and on several different web sites I got the following fault. When browsing, and click on a chat box. The chat box, exists (from the tool bar I can see that a new instance of Vivaldi opened), it is impossible to go the chat box. It is not open on any of my external screens. Flick between the different windows, I cannot find the chat box.

    I allow the URL to open popups. Same thing.

    How I worked around this? Well – change browser. No issues with any other browsers. http://home.bt.com is one of the web sites where I got this fault.

    Any comments?

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    www.bt.co.uk is not reachable. Is that the real domain?

  • @mogle

    The fault is not specific related to the BT (British Telecom) URL. I got the fault on regular basis with several web sites from several large public companies. When I access their site for chat or at times other popups I am unable to access the second window. I can see the window exist on the task bar, but unable to view it. I can only assume there is a fault in Vivaldi, since this behaviour is not present in IE, Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.....

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    Tell us more about your Vivaldi, version, extensions?
    About your Windows?

    And how can i test it?

  • @mogle It could be that the new window is being created "off screen"; you could try this to "find" it

    Alternately, what is change the pop-up window to open in a tab instead - Tools/Settings/Appearance/

  • That is a very good guess. My first try to solve this was to cascade all the windows. This is sadly not the case. When cascade the new chat window is not present.

    On the task bar, I can see two Vivaldi icons on top of each other, symbolising there are two instances of Vivaldi running. By moving the courser to the Vivaldi icons on the task bar, I can seen a small window of the two instances. The first show the active browser window, the second, show that chat. This is small and narrow. By selecting the instance, you would expect to jump to the selected session. If I click on the new Chat session nothing.

    I have seen this with several sites where I open a smaller "contact me now" or "chat" icon.

    It it was stacked or cascaded, I would expect the same when running other browsers.

  • @tbgbe

    Popups in tabs works. With that setting, the chat opens a new tab.

    It stacks the sessions nicely. It would be nice if I access that session.

  • @mogle said in (Bug) - Unable to access Chat Windows.....:

    It it was stacked or cascaded, I would expect the same when running other browsers.

    Not necessarily. The "new stuff" in Vivaldi is the whole UI and Window/Tab handling interface (on top of the chromium engine). We can/should expect unique problems in those areas.

    Popups in tabs works. With that setting, the chat opens a new tab.

    So can you continue with "pop-ups in tabs" as a workaround?
    Maybe create a bug report (with full information) at
    You will receive a reply email with the bug number VB-xxxx
    and you can then reply to that with a link to this thread and any other details you have to help devs reproduce the problem.

    However, the bug tracker is only available to Vivaldi and insiders, it is not publicly available. So the only way to know it has been solved is to check each Changelog as it appears.

    Edit: |Just realised you didn't mention your Vivaldi version 🤦♂
    If you are on Stable (1.12....) it would be a good idea to try the latest Snapshot first as thw Window handling has been reworked owing to recent Chromium changes.
    See https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/22209/beginning-of-week-fixes-vivaldi-browser-snapshot-1-13-1008-18

    You can install it standalone so you don't mess with your current setup - until/unless it solves the problem, of course.

  • He should still try that article about how to move off-street windows onscreen, though with normal windows Tile or Cascade should have been enough. Moving the window is just so that if he does later want a new window, he can find it.

  • @tbgbe

    I am no 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

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