[resolved] Bug with embedded videos from Dailymotion

  • Hi,

    My 2 computers are displaying a black rectangle instead of the embedded videos from Dailymotion. No problem with Youtube or Vimeo. No problem with Edge either.

    Example :

    I've updated Flash PPAPI and I can watch the videos if I'm directly on the Dailymotion's website. The bug only occurs when they are embedded on another website !

    Both computers have the last stable version of Vivaldi and Windows 10 64 bits.

    I hope it will be fixed !

  • Make sure Flash is allowed on that site, click on the lock on the left of the address bar, flash, always allow

  • I prefer to avoid flash where possible.
    If flash is blocked the site should use html5 player.
    The embedded video won't play though if you have third party cookies blocked and/or using
    an extension that blocks dailymotion cookies for that site.
    You can globally stop blocking third party cookies in vivaldi://settings/privacy/
    Unblock dailymotion cookies just for arretsurimages.net.
    Click the lock icon in the addressbar.
    Follow the "cookies in use" link and hit the blocked tab.
    Highlight dailymotion.com and click "Allow".
    Reload the page.

  • @cantankrus
    Oh, you're absolutely right ! I always block third-party cookies and I didn't think about it.
    I've correcte that for Dailymotion. Thank you very much.

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