igoogle search alternative

  • Hi, i was searching for something to customize the google search page and to add to the homepage, so far i found new tabs extensions which i already have, bookmarks and widgets managers which i don't need or extensions like ichrome which is too fancy and doesn't serve my purpose. i tried also proper menubar (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/proper-menubar/egclcjdpndeoioimlbbbmdhcaopnedkp) which intention is to substitute the old dismissed google black bar which was the best to search the keywords between many different sites plus with this extension you could add more websites but in the end it is totally bugged or at least in vivaldi. do you know any alternative that can help me with the searching between more sites without having to retype the search terms everytime?

  • Retype? In search box (ctrl-k) select another search engine (down) and if it's not already filled with last search, just select the previous search text (shift-down) and it's done.

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