Vivaldi Browser freezes for 30 seconds after restart from hibernation Windows 10

  • Hi.
    Every time i awake my Laptop from hibernation mode i can not use Vivaldi at all for about 30 seconds :(
    It seems to be frozen.
    But the harddiscs is on heavy work...

    On Task-Manager i see it is svchost.exe.
    Which service exactly i haven't found out yet.

    Firefox is ready to use, so it is not allone a Win-thing.
    Perhaps some Vivaldi Extension?


  • @clemens-ratte-polle said in Vivaldi Browser freezes for 30 seconds after restart from hibernation Windows 10:

    But the harddiscs is on heavy work...

    that is surely the problem, it's busy doing something else.

  • @clemens-ratte-polle There are a number of significant factors potentially at work: your OS version, how many open tabs you have in Vivaldi at time of hibernation, how many extensions are installed in Vivaldi, your Firefox version and its architecture, how many other programs/services were open at time of hibernation, and so on. In hibernation, programs in RAM memory are retained there and are 'immediately' available for access as soon as the rest of the computer is brought alive by ending hibernation; unfortunately, there's a lot of wiggle-room in what constitutes 'immediately'. A program that has multiple processes and stored data files which may require updating before becoming fully operable will do just that, hence some programs (and browsers) may take longer because there is simply more updating to do regarding what was saved in RAM. And much of that RAM updating involves reading and writing to the harddrive as well as possibly checking online for data updates involving already-open tabs or certain browser extensions. Also, because Vivaldi currently uses a lot more processes than Firefox, it may take longer establishing concerted operations through the fog of all that may be happening elsewhere when coming out of hibernation.

    That said, it's also possible something is less than optimal in your Vivaldi installation, its settings, or its extension complement that is causing abnormal slowness. 30 seconds seems on the long side of things, but not necessarily outrageous. My system (a ~6-month-old Win10 desktop) takes about 8-10 seconds to come fully out of hibernation (including re-logging-in to the user account), but it can be significantly longer before a fully operational Vivaldi is available if some hibernation-postponed scan or OS activity occurs at the time of emergence.

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    Interesting. While working remote, I'm stuck on a 9-year-old Compaq CQ5110F here, that I upgraded to a faster MoBo, RAM and processor - within system limits - and put a SSD in. Still, this 32-bit Win10 system takes a full minute and 40 seconds to emerge from hibernation. When it does, though, Vivaldi is immediately usable. No delay.

    So it's hard to tell what might make Vivaldi on any system unavailable for 30 sec after emerging from hibernation.

  • ok, my Browser setting might be unusual:
    220 tabs open - but nearly all suspended by "The Great Suspender" Extension :)

    Extensions: 37.

    Laptop Aspire 5, 8GB, 1TB, GT750M, Win10.
    Reboot longer time ago.^^

    Yes, too many tabs that want to be updatetd after startup...

    As a little improvement i should maybe cut off Internet connection at startup from hibernation?

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