Web Skype mic & camera problem

  • I'm sure this is a screw-up from Skype (they have royally ****ed it up in most areas recently), but I thought I'd ask here if someone else has experienced this or possibly even know of a solution.

    When trying voice or video call, skype just throws up a dialog "To make Skype calls, please allow Google Chrome access to your camera and microphone." and gives up.
    But they are both configured to be allowed (by web.skype.com) and Camera & mic works on other web sites.

    edit: probably should say that it works fine in google chrome (but I don't want to use google chrome!)

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    @tatsujin So your claim that it is the fault of Skype is mere speculation. More likely it is a fault with Vivaldi, though it might be a browser identification issue with the site.

    Try opening the Site Properties from the URL icon and change the settings for Microphone and Camera from Default to Always Allow.

  • @pesala Thanks for the reply. And of course it's speculation on my part, I haven't checked the code. But since it works in other web apps, I'd say the problem is with Skype.

    And the settings for mic and camera are already on "always allow". That's what I meant in my OP.

  • Seems that someone fixed something because now it seems to work, usually. Not done a lot of testing though.


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