Windows 10 - Drag a tab out to create a new window?

  • I find that dragging a tab out from the tab bar, to either above or below it (or to the left or right, if not maximized) will create a new window only sometimes. I expect it to create a new window all the time unless I am dragging the tab to a different Vivaldi window, in which case it should move reliably to the window my mouse points to.

    Also, is there a keyboard shortcut to access the "move current tab" menu?

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    @tmab2003 You might find it easier to assign a shortcut to "Detach Tab" in Settings, Keyboard, Tab. If all you want to do is detach a tab to a new window, showing the menu is one extra step that you do not need to do.

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    @tmab2003 Which version?

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