How to migrate all bookmarks to Firefox?

  • Hello, I decided to migrate back to Firefox, due to many glitches and instability of Vivaldi on my machine. I only want to save my bookmarks, what is the best way to save all bookmarks and move them to Firefox?
    Thank you.

  • @smbv Export them as HTML file.

  • I mean professionally export as XML to be able to import to the other browsers?

  • you can "professionally" export them as html, html is not less "professional" than xml, it contains right what it's needed

  • I disagree with this statement, I need proper file for other browsers, html it is just a list of all my bookmarks, it is not professional, it's basic export.
    I need to be able to import it to Firefox.

  • you're out of luck then, goodbye

  • You'll be able to import your bookmarks as HTML file in Firefox (it works in Waterfox, so it should in Firefox too).

  • @smbv what a coincidence, I just migrated from Firefox to Vivaldi after 11 years, so you know, enjoy hell 😄 Anyway HTML export/import is all you can get as far as I know. Chrome, Firefox and Edge all export/import in HTML format. One thing you will lose during transport from Vivaldi to Firefox (or any other browsers) is description and nickname, i just tried that. But the same goes for other browsers, Firefox has tags, they also aren't exported. Maybe xmarks or some alternative syncing service might work, but I haven't tried that.

  • Ok thank you guys, I'm also heavy Firefox users, I see many benefits of using it.

  • Vivaldi, Chromium, & Firefox had a bit of different structure for bookmarks.
    Vivaldi follows Chromium structure with essential different as it has support for Trash, Keyword (Firefox=Nickname), & Description.
    Vivaldi closer to Opera structure I believe.

    Both Vivaldi & Firefox has Description & Keyword. But each browser has a different way to apply it.

    I'm not sure what's this categorized as professional 1:1 export-import. No browsers I know with different bookmarks, passwords, data structures could do export-import "beautifully".
    By far, using either HTML or import from other browsers, target browser or online bookmark manager only takes name & URL if they don't understand other things.

    Online Bookmark service logically has their own structure to comply how they're used. I think its even complicated matter more if you're depended to their specific features.

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