Change Background Picture and Dark Theme?

  • Love this browser, I was a devout user of Opera in its heyday, then FireFox, then Chrome all set up within an inch of their lives with extensions and addons, Vivaldi will be awesome when we will be able to modify it with extensions, make it our own, to fit our needs. A couple of questions: Will we be able to change the background picture? And, will we be able to have a "Dark theme" over "invert"? I don't like inverted colours, bit "in ya face" That said I think its going to be strong competitor in the browser market and thank those responsible for this preview. Keep up the great work you are doing.

  • I completely agree with this statement, I would really love it to be able to change the speed dial background image, if only to white - really don't like the dark image!

  • I think that there should be two colour options honestly. Mac os has somewhat this and i would love to see thsi implemented more

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yes, we will add settings to customize the UI in the future :lol:

  • <– This thread explains how you can change the background image in the current version :)

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