What is the Web Panel Behavior After Closing it?

  • As many of you, I make use of the web-panel sites like twitter, tweetdeck, search engines, etc. All of which after a while of use, I have to reload [click the home button]

    I wonder, what happens once the we panel is close. Does vivaldi hibernates the web-panel after certain amount of time?

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    @venix Videos playing in a web panel stop playing immediately.

  • Very nice. I didn't try YT before as Netflix did not work in a web panel.

    I just gave Youtube a try and it works perfectly & behaves as described, the video stops once closed. Very nice.

    note: The audio tab muting feature does not affect this behavior.

  • @pesala Well, that's not universally true. YouTube videos do as you said, but eg, this keeps streaming just fine, with its WP open or closed... http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/abc-live-stream/IV1512H001S00#playing --> unless you're in Australia [which of course you're not] or using a VPN with Oz IP, you won't be able to test this link, but i'm posting it simply as technical support for my feedback.

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