Unable to delete autofill / form fill suggestions

  • Hi all,

    First post. :)

    I'm curious if there's a way to delete autofill suggestions / form entries, such as usernames.

    In searching I only found a post with no responses as well as where to turn it on/off altogether in chrome://settings/search#auto.

    My main problem is that we use a web portal at work that changes its username biweekly, and I now have a wall of previous entries that pop up with old usernames as well as all the typos I've made typing it manually.

    Turning it off altogether hides the wall of suggestions, but now I have to type it out fully every time, and this also breaks every other website where the suggestions work great. I do like the autocomplete, just need a way to manage.

    In Chrome/Firefox you just highlight and hit delete on keyboard, and in Opera there's an X to delete. Am I just complete missing how to do this or has it just not been added yet?


  • Moderator

    Copy chrome://settings/autofill , paste in address field and hit Enter
    Delete them there.

  • Hiya Gwen!

    This is all I see there:


    I'm specifically talking about what it makes available for username fields, like in this sample (I blanked out the full usernames, but you can see what I mean):


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