Laggy scrolling with trackpad

  • 2017 MacBook Pro, laggy scrolling with trackpad on every website, even laggy in the setting of vivaldi. The experience is so bad, and this problem occured on both Sierra and High Sierra.

    I have forgotten how many times i post threads or reply to someone here, but the problem has been existing for at least 3 versions, including the latest one.

    Some people said that disable 『threaded scrolling』in vivaldi://flags/ may help, sadlly it doesn't.

    I check updates every a few days, but recent 3 versions didn't fix this problem, i just don't kown why, is it a huge problem that being so difficult to solve, or just me alone have this annoying thing,or even nobody ever think it's a problem?

    How can i get a older version of vivaldi (Mac edition)? So i can continue using it.

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    FYI, a while back, I alerted my contacts to the trackpad scrolling issue on macOS and confirmed that this was a real issue. However, I think this is affecting different Mac users to varying degrees. I looked back at previous posts for some kind of description of "unusable" (e.g. when I scroll with the trackpad, Vivaldi freezes for 1.5 seconds then scrolls wildly to the bottom of the page) but could not find any. All I could find were descriptions like bad, horrible, annoying, unusable, clunky, laggy, etc.

    I tried comparing scrolling performance on various web sites with different browsers...

    For me, with Safari, Trackpad scrolling (and inertial scrolling) is as responsive as putting two fingers on a piece of paper and pushing/sliding it on a desk. The response is instantaneous and the animation is smooth.

    With Vivaldi, I don't feel as connected to the content. Normal scrolling isn't too bad but not as responsive as Safari. With inertial scrolling, it takes about 0.1 seconds for Vivaldi to respond to the input, and the animation is bumpy and jerky by comparison. The scrolling speed also seems to continue ramping up after the gesture is complete and then ramps down, so it feels unnatural.

    So, my Vivaldi scrolling experience is certainly not as good as it should be, and definitely not as smooth or responsive as it used to be, but to call my experience horrible or unusable would be an exaggeration.

    If you could put your experience into words, that would be very helpful.

    One last question: Does it make any difference if you disable/uncheck "Allow Gestures" and "Allow Rocker Gestures" in your Vivaldi Mouse settings?


  • Yesterday i downloaded 1.10.867.48 at

    Without changing anything in default settings or vivaldi://flags/, scrolling on the older version works as good as safari now.

    When i used the latest verison in a large web (a NBA forum, hundreds of replys on every page of a thread) , i scrolled up and down rapidly for a few seconds, and found out it continued scrollibg up and down for almost 0.5 second after my finger left the trackpad, the faster i scrolled, the laggier i felt.

    It exactly make me feels like i get 60 FPS when scrolling on safari, and get 30 FPS scrolling on latest vivaldi. Sometimes i play games like World of Warcraft and The Witcher 3 on my PC, it will be a disaster that your character moves after 0.1-0.2 second after you press the keyboard, it become worse when you walking and changing directions a lot.

    For『disable/uncheck "Allow Gestures" and "Allow Rocker Gestures"』,sorry i didn't change the default setting on gestures, so i don't know whether they are disabled or not.

    I think i'll stay at 1.10.867.48, this version works fine to me.


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