Chromecast "tray" icon

  • How do i get the chromecast icon to remain in the tray when im not using it? I know i can cast from the context menu and when i do that i get a nice icon but as soon as i finished casting it disappears, would be nice to be able to use that icon to start casting as well as stop it.

    On chrome it says to get the icon up (showing) by casting something and then while the icon is showing right click it and set "Always show icon" but that context option does not exist with vivaldi?


    Vivaldi 1.12.955.38 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Revision 7f53b6a63fad112d5d35848a1a0c6fe5cb4a9cbd-
    OS Linux

  • Shouldn't matter what browser is used. It is not Vivaldi that displays the icon.

  • sorry i dont get what you mean. I am using vivaldi

    Here are the instructions to have the icon remain permanently in chrome so how do you do it with vivaldi ?

  • alt text

    But that icon is only visible whist im casting. Why cant it remain there so i can use it to start a cast instead of having to use the context menu/cast which does not show on all web sites?

  • So iv tested this on a clean ubuntu, clean installation of Vivaldi and it does the same thing. You get the cast icon whilst using it but the icon disappears after you stop using it. In chrome you can keep the icon visible but I can not see how to do that with Vivaldi. If that's not possible with Vivaldi then please just let me know.

    alt text
    alt text


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