[BUG] Dates (still) not following local format

  • On my Win10 PC I have the dates set to follow UK Standard. Which is a similar standard across Europe.

    Today is 2nd October 2017. So the date should be shown as 02/10/2017 and time 17:50:31

    BUT for some odd reason, Vivaldi is showing dates in the broken US format. This seems odd for a European built product as I thought there were only a few places on the planet who puts dates back to front in that USAian style.

    Here is an example from the DOWNLOADS window. Would be good to have that time stamp in 24hour as per my OS too.

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    @mallen Submit a Bug Report

  • @pesala Bug report done.

    Didn't get a bug reference number after posting, so not sure how to track it. Should be obvious to spot for anyone not in the USA. Unless I have been time travelling back to February today. :D

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    @mallen You will get a bug number in your email. The bug-tracker is closed. You can see which bugs have been fixed in the changelog on the blogs, but if two or more bug reports were submitted for one bug, only one will be shown.

    In short, you will know it's fixed when you update and see for yourself that it's fixed.

  • @pesala That makes sense. Email arrived now as VB-33398

    Not as if any extra info is really needed from me on that one. Should be easy to spot. Would have been even easier if the bug report had allowed attachments, so I pointed at this thread instead. The image says it all really. :)

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    @mallen said in [BUG] Dates not following local format:

    now as VB-33398

    Bug is now VB-33398 "Dates should follow local OS format in Downloads" and confirmed by me.

  • @gwen-dragon Yay! For some reason I get the feeling you may be Welsh. So guess you are seeing the same as me with UK settings on the PC.

  • @mallen Same here, but does NOT have wrong format on vivaldi://history/
    So possibly problem only on downloads panel.

    Note: @Gwen-Dragon is German not Welsh - must be a black forest Dragon :grinning:

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    @mallen said in [BUG] Dates not following local format:

    I get the feeling you may be Welsh.

    I am a german gal. My second Prename is Gwendolyn.

  • Just dropping by to see if there has been any progress on fixing the dates format in Vivaldi.

    Has the Bug VB-33398 ever been addressed?

    Same issue is still here. Confusing dates in an unreadable format.

    PLEASE get this to track the OS date formats at least. OR give the user the choice.

    American dates really are awkward to read

    By chance I found my way into the Chrome:settings ( vivaldi://settings ) page and I could set the language in there to English(United Kingdom). But all that has seemed to do is confuse Vivaldi as Vivaldi's settings are now showing as "Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)" (i.e. the first item in the list...)

    Why does Vivaldi not have the same language options as the underlying Chrome?

    It gets more mad if you start comparing different areas.

    Downloads: 7/14/2018 1:40PM
    Notes: July 14, 2018 1:40PM
    History: Saturday, July 14, 2018 1:40PM

    My OS English (UK) defaults display as: 14/07/2018 13:40

    For a browser proud to put the user in control I find this bug frustrating and illogical.

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    Yes, the US format is ugly for UK and EU continental people.
    It is not fixed in RL, but fixed in Bugtracker? I will reopen!

    I pinged the related developer to check this regression.

  • Thank you for resurrecting it. I know us Brits are stubborn souls on an island but we do like to know what date things happen. :)

    I guess this issue is only happening to a very small sub-set of people using Vivaldi. Which is also why I guess someone reviewing the bug list who isn't a Brit isn't going to see this.

    "English" is being defaulted to "USA" formats.

    I expect the Aussies, New Zealand and numerous other English speakers are also seeing this bug.

    It is the Downloads page that this is most frustrating. At least in the other locations the Long Form of the date means the month is spelt out and confusion avoided.

  • Something @Gwen-Dragon said made me look again. So I swapped the language to German. And was rather surprised to find the dates in US format!!


    That is bonkers. This bug is way worse that I thought. At least I could follow the logic of someone assuming that all English people are USAians. But forcing other nationalities to suffer this date layout is weird and illogical. LOL

    So does this mean EVERY language is showing a messed up order here? It is interesting to see the time has been swapped to 24 hour and the dots used instead of colons.

    Edit: HAHA - this is getting comical. I was actually perfectly ready here to just swap the GUI language for the lark and always run in German or Norwegian if that date format was printed correctly. And then laughed when I spotted the same issues in other languages.

    Yeah - so the bug report needs updating. There is ZERO connection with the language settings. This is just a broken date library.

    Edit2: Okay.... now this is getting weird an very inconsistent. After using Vivaldi Tool\Settings to swap from English to German and then Norwegian and seeing broken dates in each case. I eventually put it back to English. Ignored the dates for a bit... but then saw the comical overhang that now some sites thing i want the German Language (even though the GUI is now back into UK AND I have restarted)

    BUT... what is this? Suddenly I have the dates showing CORRECTLY on the download page! (Though still stuck with AM\PM instead of 24 hour)


    So.... to get "correct" dates one has to swap from English to German to Norwegian to English. Restarting the browser each time.... I wonder how long this will now stick?

    EDIT3: HAHAHA - now I totally give up. Vivaldi Tools\Settings says "English - English". Google Settings now say "English (United States)" as default but with "German", "English (United Kingdom)" as the only entries in the language list.

    Yet now I have dates showing on the Download correctly, but go to one of those Browser Info Test sites (http://mybrowserinfo.com/detail.asp?bhcp=1) and it shows:

    Local Date/Time: 7/14/2018, 5:04:13 PM
    Language: German
    System Language: Not detectable with this browser
    User Language: de

    I give up trying to make sense of this.

  • @mallen I use a French UI, dates and hours are displayed in French format (dd/mm/yyyy and 24 clock) in Notes and History.



    Interestingly, I've just checked settings/startup/language and learnt that my user interface language is bahasa indonesia-indonésien  (and not Français-Français). But in chrome/settings/language, I select français (France). When you select a language in chrome/settings, it seems to confuse Vivaldi that displays bahasa indonesia whatever language you choose. In my standalone version (stable), I use an English UI by choosing English in settings/startup/language and not selecting anything in chrome/settings, Vivaldi displays correctly English-English (with US dates and hours…).

  • Don't set language in chrome settings. I know the language in Appearance shows as Indonesian, but I never set the language in chrome settings. This is just cosmetics, my language is still set to English.

    The point is Vivaldi uses its own translations and therefore the chrome settings do nothing (can only make things worse if anything).

  • @hlehyaric what about the Downloads panel? The issue is more visible there for me. Notes and History have always had a readable date using words. (Though the words are backwards as February 11, 2018 it is at least clear what the date is.)

    I assumed the Bahasa Indonesia-Indonesian is only coming up when Chrome Settings are used to break things as Vivaldi is clearly reading that Chrome language value but not knowing what to do with it. So displays the first on the list instead.

    @luetage yes - I know to stay away from Chrome Settings. The initial bug report from nine months ago is only about the Vivaldi settings. I only fiddled around with the Chrome language settings this week to see if I could have an effect on things as the badly formatted dates are causing me to make mistakes. Seeing 7/6/18 is impossible to know what it is supposed to say!

    And (saying this quietly in case I scare it) really bizarrely this morning I have the correctly formatted date showing on the download page. Though it still shows an annoying AM\PM. The other panels still have the date in words, but back to front. I know this has now happened from my messing around yesterday. I have now partially confused the GUI into showing me something readable.

    I am just hoping that this time someone actually looks closer at the issue. Interesting to see other people now mentioning that that their language is showing up as Indonisian even though they have never touched Chrome (Personally I don't even have Chrome installed)

    There is also the new puzzle of why the languages seemed to "lag" yesterday. When I used Vivialdi settings to swap between English, German, Norwegian and then back to English - why did the browser keep reporting as German?

    There is something clearly odd going on.

  • @mallen Same for the Downloads Panel, dd/mm/yyyy and 24 hours clock:


  • @gwen-dragon said in [BUG] Dates (still) not following local format:

    Yes, the US format is ugly for UK and EU continental people.
    It is not fixed in RL, but fixed in Bugtracker? I will reopen!
    I pinged the related developer to check this regression.

    @Gwen-Dragon did the developer add any notes to this bug on the bug tracker? Or have we been unlucky to have an American dev who has never stepped outside his\her country and just closed the bug again?

    I'm looking down at the date today - and it is a very hot 8th February here... Vivaldi the Time Travelling Browser.

    I enjoy using Vivaldi, always prefer to be in that different group. But this is making my OCD scream constantly.

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    @mallen said in [BUG] Dates (still) not following local format:

    did the developer add any notes to this bug

    I did ping him once more. May be he was on summer vacation these days.

  • @gwen-dragon said in [BUG] Dates (still) not following local format:

    May be he was on summer vacation these days.

    Summer? But my downloads window tells me it is 8th February. Bit cold out there for a summer break. :o)

    Thanks for giving him another poke.

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