Bookmarks (worst implementation)

  • Bookmarking must be among the worst implemented on any browser.
    Are the alternatives to the given chaos?

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    @searcher46 said in Bookmarks.:

    Are the alternatives to the given chaos?

    The best alternative is to learn how to use the existing feature. Please be more specific about what you find confusing.

  • Honestly, that browser desperately need a bookmarking like firefox +

    that's the best bookmarking so far, very handy, very clear, customizable size

  • I agree wholeheartedly with this as well as the other comment re Firefox implementation.

    I've made Vivaldi the default browser on all my machines and introduced it to many friends and family, so I'm not just bashing here.

    The saving and manipulation of bookmarks is a real chore. I often just open Firefox, do what I need to do and then finish by syncing with Xmarks.

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    The fact that Firefox needs an add-on for this basic function is surprising.

    I have never used Firefox except for testing websites, but I am sure it already has the basic functions without add-ons.

    No one said yet what they find difficult about bookmarking in Vivaldi. I use the Panel for organising bookmarks, and more often used Drag and Drop from the URL field for adding bookmarks than the Add bookmark dialogue.

    Please be specific when reporting problems, otherwise no one can know if the feature you want already exists, or what needs to be improved.

  • @pesala Just trying to add a bookmark to the bookmark line present a challenge.
    There seems to be different versions that doesn't reflect the actual one.
    May i shouldn't have used the import feature. Chaos seems to stem from this.

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    @searcher46 said in Bookmarks (worst implementation):

    Bookmarking must be among the worst implemented on any browser.
    Are the alternatives to the given chaos?

    What exactly are you having problems with? Admittedly there is a small learning curve with Vivaldi's bookmarking, but it's really very good once you get to know it.

    Edit: I posted this before seeing your response about the bookmark line. Sorry about that.

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    @searcher46 said in Bookmarks (worst implementation):

    Just trying to add a bookmark to the bookmark line

    If by "Bookmark Line" you mean the Bookmarks Bar, drag and drop will work but you cannot drop it into a bookmarks bar subfolder. To do that, use the Add Bookmark dialogue or the Bookmarks Panel.

    In my case, the "Community Plus" folder is my Bookmarks Bar folder, and that has a number of nested subfolders. I can drop a bookmark into any of those folders, wherever I wish.

    0_1507038997480_Bookmarks Bar Folder.png

  • @pesala It's a pitty you seem to be on a quest to defend Vivaldi. I understand that because you like Vivaldi just like I do. But the other users are absolutely correct in pointing out Vivaldi has THE WORST bookmarks implementation ever seen in ANY browser.

    What may be a good process for you is not the norm nor is it good in any way. I have more than 20 years experience in gui, user and process implemetation and know what efficiency means in relation to how the human brain works.

    In this regard Firefox has the best bookmark implementation available. Yes it's SIMPLE as can be: a Bookmark menu at the top, always visible, always reachable, and can be organized in a folder tree structure to your liking.

    I want to use Vivaldi as my default browser but can not give up that resource hog Firefox yet because of that horrible bookmarks implementation. And frankly I am surprised this issue has not been addressed yet and I fear it will not be.

    I can guarantee you that the minute you implement the same Bookmark menu in Vivaldi the downloads will skyrocket and the market share will increase. Because in every other aspect Vivaldi leaves Firefox in the dust.

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    I agree that the implementation is not really [add your own word here].

    That drag&drop of bookmarks to add/sort/move is very painful for me as i am not a good mouse user (slightly disabled). 😞
    And regular bookmark adding my Ctrl+D is not really a solution at all, finding the correct destination folder is uneasy for me. 😞

  • I finally did what i should have done some time ago: got rid of the mess created by an import and deleted all bookmarks. There really weren't any that were unrecoverable. Now things look tidy.
    My recommendation: avoid the import function, especially from browsers messed up with too many, too cluttered bookmarks.


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