Why won't link to PayPal work?

  • Since the latest update I can no longer use the linkage to paypal as the window always fails to load. I get a blank popup with no way to do anything with it and there is no other way to access Paypal payments, I have to close Vivaldi and run ant other browser and the popup link works, Why is it only on Vivaldi that this fails?

    It also took me thee attempts to log into the Forum as I was asked three times to log in before I could get here.

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    @joamie Your caps lock was stuck on the title to this thread, so I fixed it, because shouting is bad manners. There's some work being done on the forums. Signing in may become simpler.

    As to the PayPal thing, can you please describe what you are doing and where on the page you find this link when you encounter the problem? I'll test it on my system and see what I come up with. Also, do you use any kind of adblockers? These sometimes block wanted popups in Vivaldi.

  • @ayespy
    Thank you, please note I was not 'shouting', my education taught me that headings should be in capital letters, the use of correct grammar is something I note is sadly lacking in some circles.

    I was attempting to pay for an order I wished to make, I pressed the link to the PayPal site which was positioned on the bottom right hand corner of the payment page. The small window opened up but it was blank and remained blank. I reloaded the page and tried again, everything went well up till i pressed the PayPal link and as before the small window opened up but remained blank.
    I resorted to using another browser on the same laptop, this time the link worked and I was able to process the payment. As I have used this site before the latest update it suggests that the browser was at fault and not the laptop system.

    Any ideas?

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    @joamie OK. Do you have a link to the site so I can test it? My first two suspicions are some kind of adblocker or pop-up blocker misbehavior. The third is a badly-coded popup to which Vivaldi is sensitive, but not necessarily other browsers. Vivaldi "just works" 99.99% of the time. I do however sometimes find bad sites that are coded wrong, but have only been tested in the most popular browser(s)

  • I can't get PayPal to work in Vivaldi either.
    I thought it may have been a once off, but it has happened to me a few times now and I have been forced to use another browser.

    I think the problem may be deeper than just PayPal.
    I think it might be related to online stores.

    HDtracks has just failed me now.


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