Blank Page on Dillons website

  • Hi,

    I've been using the standalone version of Vivaldi, but recently installed the normal, system version since the reason for needing the standalone installation became moot (easy backup/migration --nullified by Eversync).

    So I'm trying to sign in on (local grocery store) and the regular pages load just fine, but the Sign In page is just blank. I tested the same page in the standalone Vivaldi, and it works fine.

    Naturally, I figured some plugin was to blame, so I disabled everything. No change; same result.

    The installations are, as far as I can tell, identical, save for pathways. Same version numbers on everything, including Flash and JS. Honestly, I'm stumped.

    I also encountered a variation of this when looking at Widgets in Vivaldi (that popup bar at the bottom that I've never messed with before). If I click the + sign to see new widgets, it shows four at the top of the page,
    but all the others below are invisible. I only figured that out because of a hunch, and if I right-click and drag a bit from where one should be, you can see the transparent static image of the graphic. This may be a separate issue entirely, but I figured it was worth mentioning due to its similarity.

    If anyone has the slightest inkling of what could be causing this, I'd greatly appreciate the tip. Can't delete the old installation until I know it's no longer needed. Thanks.

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    @cthulhusaves Hm. Cannot reproduce your problem on any regularly installed or standalone version Vivaldi on this machine.


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