Vivaldi 1.12 – Giving you the browser you want

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    The latest version of Vivaldi is here, featuring three requests that may ring a bell. Why? Because they came from you.

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  • First bug. The process update_notifier.exe is not terminated once Vivaldi is closed (Windows).

  • Moderator

    Nice :clap_tone1: Great browser for great peoples :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Perfect job Vivaldi team! :champagne:

  • 3rd :D auuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • @terere I think this is intentional if you leave the "notify me about updates" option checked in settings>updates.

  • @lonm: You are right! I actually had this option unchecked in the settings but somehow after the update, its checked again. Unchecking it kills that process (less RAM). So the bug is only that it's turned back on for users after upgrading which is a minor thing.

    Thanks :)

  • The new download information on files is fantastic. A click away to copy it. The image information as well. Little things that really improve workflow. Thanks, Vivaldi Team!

  • I have just seen the very nice video.
    '< Definitly I am a rebel
    '< auuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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    Most enhancements i can see while working with 1.12 are bug fixes for video on Mac and some Windows versions.
    But as a new Final the browser has no exciting new features. For me such really wanted New would be Sync or Mail.

  • @gwen-dragon fingers crossed for the next snapshot?

  • @gwen-dragon: No guarantee that mail will be at all.

  • Moderator

    @asires said in Vivaldi 1.12 – Giving you the browser you want:

    No guarantee that mail will be at all.

    Vivaldi Mail will be (i am a internal tester), but no guarantee for the timeline.

    I am so disappointed about this new Stable version [i know it is my personal feeling], because in this Stable are some ugly known but unfixed bugs with audio problems in video or fast or slow videos.

  • Thx for update, nice new features, nicely rounding up browser so far.

    Still same things i do not like:
    -Rocker gestures in web panel not working
    -Clicking Home does not show top of page after refresh, opens previous position before click
    -No option for auto refresh of web panels

    p.s. I have problem with twitter in web panel stopped auto refreshing. Now i have to scroll down/up or click some tweet and go back to invoke refresh. Started to happen 2-3 days ago tough, its not related with this update, probably some twitter problem?
    Happens only on mobile version of twitter, regular version still auto refreshes.

  • Thanks for this, Vivaldi is an amazing browser! I'm a long time fan :)

    Unfortunately this update broke the way the address bar history used to work. When you scroll through it using up and down arrows, it used to show the text you typed, now it shows the full URL. This means it's no longer possible to quickly search for the same term on different search engines:

    1.) Type "d test" in the address bar to search DuckDuckGo, press enter
    2.) Press F8 to focus the address bar, press down arrow twice
    3.) The address bar now shows "" instead of "d test"
    4.) You can no longer edit the text to be "g test" (to search on Google)

    This was one of the great things about Vivaldi/Opera

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    Hey great update thank you for your hard work!

    What I am still missing at the moment, is to be able to open items from my history list in the background/new tab. This would be really great :)

  • @raystanz you can with right click/open in background tab

  • Still not the browser I want, sorry...

    I want to get rid of Opera 12. Impossible without integrated mail and IRC client.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    We all want that mail-client, as Jon also mentioned, but they better make it right instead of throwing a half-baked feature out to the public.

    Development takes time, especially if the result has to be a worthy replacement for our current mail-solutions.

  • I now see a difference in accent color saturation on the address bar part vs the addon background colors: It changes as I change colors or max saturation, but not to quite the same color.

  • The best! The best! The best!
    Also I need profile synchronization and search or filter in tabs (they may be opened about 100 tabs simultaneously).

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