Problem with page loading notification

  • When I connect to a site that takes a long time to respond, the notification is horrible. Currently the notification shows the address bar as red. This is barely noticeable. If I switch to another tab while I am waiting, I have no idea if the page has loaded. If it is still loading and I come back to the tab. The red is gone in the address bar.

    It would really be appreciated if an indicator on the tab could happen like on Firefox. Firefox tabs have a loader icon that lets know the tab is still loading or done. This would be great until a response comes back and then your regular loading line that goes across the tab is great.

  • @floweringmind
    There already is an indicator beneath the name of the tab.

    0_1505285804324_tabloading indicator.png

  • That indicator doesn't appear when the browser is trying to make a connection and waiting to get a response. That indicator only appears when a server sends a response.


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