How can I resize address bar to make more room for extension buttons/displays?

  • I have been looking for a way to make my 'Net Useage' extension icon bigger In Firefox/Chrome, its display like this:
    0_1505177699972_Image 2.jpg
    In Vivaldi, I have tried removing the search box. I have tried resizing the size of the box with search box active. I have tried hiding other extension buttons. The best I can manage is:
    0_1505177825621_Image 3.jpg
    What am I missing? Can the MASSIVE address bar be made to take up less real estate, or must it be fixed to this, er, generous size? It would be nice to have some user flexibility here. i.e make box shorter so that extension button could be made longer (more usable), or so that more than two extension buttons can be visible. Perhaps buttons could be dragged (shifted) to bottom bar or another toolbar?


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