Is JAVA here?

  • I'm a bit noob in JAVA subject, but I know that I need it for some limited actions. Few sites show me that my browser doesn't work with it. Why? Does Vivaldi contain it or not?

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    @qbi-wan No! Vivaldi does not run any PPAPI NAPI plugin.

    Edit: more information here

  • Ok, thx for quick answer.
    Why is that? Can I download something to bypass it, or I need to use two browsers?

  • I don't think any chrome-based browsers will run java (or any other browser plugins, soon enough). I also think this ability is going to be deprecated from firefox as well. Unless you're willing to tangle with legacy internet explorer, you're out of luck.

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    @qbi-wan Most Web Browsers don't support the old technology. It seems Firefox esr will keep the support for a short time.

  • That's sad actually. I know there are newer techs, but many sites still uses JAVA. It's not forcing them to change... More like making them to distinct. Thx anyway for Your answers. I'm happy to have it clear now 🙂

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    @qbi-wan Java is not really a program/software - JRE is an environment which allows execution of softwares, like those you find at Home Banking.

  • You don't want Java on the modern web. There's a reason sites have been moving away from it for the past decade or more. It's an enormous security liability. Same with Flash and most other plugins.

    The plugin architecture offers nefarious actors an easily exploitable path to privilege escalation and user's private data. This is why modern browsers, as much as possible, try to sandbox tabs to prevent these kinds of security exploits. A plugin pretty much throws all that security "layering" out the window.

    DDG: java security issues
    The first result from Heimdal Security provides a more in-depth look at my point.

  • @qbi-wan said in Is JAVA here?:

    ... many sites still uses JAVA. It's not forcing them to change... More like making them to distinct. ...

    For a long time, Java was constantly listed as having the greatest number of security issues on user computers. Security updating of Java was long a necessary and regular ritual for most Java users, but with the passage of time and deprecation of Java usage by many browsers, Java's usage has fallen considerably by ordinary users - and correspondingly, so has Java's ranking as the worst offender for security penetration. Any powerful scripting language or environment presents heightened security risks, but especially so if that software is linked to online exposure through web browsers. Java is likely to remain around for a long time, but likely to be increasingly relegated to enterprise-only applications.

    The growing problem for Java-using websites is, and will increasingly be, incompatibility with the web browsers most folks use. At some point, either the sites will have to convert to something else, or Java will have to be reincarnated as a far more secure environment for usage via a browser than it has ever been before. That latter path seems not very likely to be taken as things are unfolding today.

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    The banks
    the banks was the financial institution that lost a lot of money. Thanks to the JRE.

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    Please tell us the URLs of such sites where Vivaldi needs JAVA.

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    @qbi-wan said in Is JAVA here?:

    Here f.e.

    Oh, what a oldfashioned web app. But you are right, the page needs Java.
    You saw this:

    TIP: Download videos without copy & pasting the URL. Just add word -get after word youtube in the address bar. For example:
    In case of problems with the applet, you can use a simple java application as describe on the page.

    Install Oracle JRE
    Download the
    Start the ytdownloader by opening the jar file
    Now you can download yt with this downloader outside Vivaldi

    But i think it may be easier to use a extension (untested):
    Search with you favorite searcheingine with the term YouTube Download extension

  • Problem is with functionality - extensions don't have so many different solutions like -get had. Tell me more about this YoutubeGetDownloader.

  • If you're having to download stuff from youtube I'd suggest having a look at either streamlink or youtube-dl. They're command line apps that use python instead of java and are liable to have quite a fair amount more features to suit whatever it is you're doing.


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