"New Window" problem

  • First of all, I must say that I am marveled with the browser! It is brilliant! But that will be another topic, the praising of this great browser! I do not know if it is me, that I am a noob in this browser, but when I am browsing some websites and a new window is created, it is created in a tab, not in a new window. This might be good for most of the applications, but sometimes it is a nuisance. Is there already an implementation that solves this? Thank you all!

  • I've actually noticed the same. I am coming from Chrome as it is my favorite browser. Vivaldi is so amazing, I actually like it better than Chrome in some instances but one of the annoying features I've found is when doing a task on chrome, sometimes I'd get a small window and it was convenient. When doing the same task in Vivaldi, I get another tab opened, the focus is switched to that tab and it covers my whole screen taking my full attention off the main window. Sometimes I just need that small window and if I want it as a tab, I'll drag it to the top with the rest of the tabs and make it a tab.

    As far as a fix or a setting to turn on/off this feature, I hope something comes along. Another thing I have gotten into the habit that makes my job easier when working is have two windows of the same browser open side by side. I could click and drag a tab off the top, disconnecting it from my main window to create a new window of that site. Not the case in Vivaldi.


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