Traffic lights don't hide in full screen mode

  • I've noticed that the traffic lights (window controls) stay visible in full screen mode. In Yosemite they are supposed to be move to the hidden menubar that appears when you move your mouse to the top of the screen. Nothing serious that needs to be fixed right away, just wanted to let you know that it's not consistent with other OS X applications.

  • It is consistent with Yosemite; it's one of the changes that was made to the UI. The green traffic-light now takes you to Apple's full-screen without the menu-bar, and it remains visible so that you don't have to mouse up to reveal the menu-bar and the blue arrows to exit full-screen, but just click the green traffic light again.
    To maximise your window with the menu-bar visible, as used to be the function of the green traffic-light, you need to hold down the option/alt key as you click the traffic-light.
    The Vivaldi team cannot do anything about it; the change is entirely down to Apple.

  • Thanks for the response!
    Maybe I wasn't clear but here are screenshots of Safari's and Microsoft Word's behaviour to illustrate what I meant in my previous post.

  • Nothing surprises me about Word, but you're right, though Google Chrome keeps the traffic lights visible too, which is why I thought what I did.

    I think it must be to do with which part of the window they are in and whether that part is hidden. Here they're in the window title area and Vivaldi doesn't hide the title; in Chrome they are in the tab-bar location and that obviously can't be hidden; though Safari manages to hide them from the location bar. So obviously it's down to the programmers how they deal with it.

    I have to say, I rather like them there, but then of course that's just personal opinion.

  • Thanks for clarifying! I hadn't used Chrome for years so didn't know it kept the traffic lights there.
    I can see why both approaches have their pros and cons, personally I use full screen only when I want to focus on a specific application (much like on an iPad) and have much rather that everything is hidden. But I guess if you always use the full screen mode instead of the regular zoom having them visible would be the best option.

    I think Opera has solved this in a really neat way by allowing the tabs to occupy the entire with of the screen when in full screen mode, but guess that the developers of Vivaldi will just go with their preference if both options work for Yosemite.

    Ps. I used Word as an example because in my opinion it's one of the best examples of how you can follow all the mac guidelines while still having your own distinctive interface. (The screenshots are from the Word 2016 Beta, Word 2011 was an abomination =p)

  • Actually, I hardly ever use full-screen mode myself, and actually would prefer the regular zoom as you call it.

    As for Word, etc. I have been a Microsoft-free zone for yonks … roughly ever since they moved on from Word 5.1a for Mac, which was brilliant. Since the advent of OS-X, the only Microsoft app I have is Skype ... and only then because they took it over and I was using it to keep in touch with family while I was abroad for many years. Some of my friends from then use Skype so I still have it installed. I use Scrivener and Nisus Writer Pro for text creation, editing and processing, and Tables or Numbers for my limited spread-sheet needs, and used Keynote for presentations, so I have no need for Office.

    Anyway, I am agnostic on the traffic lights question ... in fact, I don't get het up by interface things like icon design, etc. I'm pleased to find Vivaldi as it allows me to have graphical thumbnails on the side, like OmniWeb, instead of tabs across the top. OmniWeb is my absolute all-time favourite browser, but sadly, the latest betas of OW6 won't run on this MBA and development is slow.

  • Good to hear more people still like omniweb, I still check the progress of the beta versions and for me it is starting to become usable.
    Sadly I do get het up by interface elements and the interface of omniweb bothers me so much that I prefer Vivaldi now even if omniweb somehow would finish development. That's why I try to bring stuff like this up now Vivaldi is still in development. (to bring this post on topic again)

  • Not super related, but has anyone noticed that the stoplight buttons are a little squished
    Reported as a bug a couple versions ago, and I haven't seen anything else about it

  • @alexpoulsen:

    Not super related, but has anyone noticed that the stoplight buttons are a little squished
    Reported as a bug a couple versions ago, and I haven't seen anything else about it

    Not the case on my screen: late 2010 13" MacBook Air, OSX 10.10.2

  • I've also had issues with Vivaldi's radio buttons
    is your Mac retina?


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