Session Manager extension?

  • Currently a Firefox user but very tempted by Vivaldi - the biggest problem for me is finding an equivalent of FF's Session Manager extension. This allows me to save a 'session' which contains one or more browser windows each with one or more tabs. I can then click the session link and new window(s) open complete with all the tabs.
    As a researcher, I frequently have many tabs open and then want to save everything and come back to it later. Session Manager lets me do that and I use it all the time.
    Any suggestions for a Chrome/Vivaldi alternative?

  • Main Vivaldi Menu > File > Open Session and Save As new session. The two options to the bottom of the menu.

    I think this matches what you describe.

  • I hope you do try V, & that you like it. Yes definitely try the onboard V Session function as per LonM; it's handy, albeit IMO needs more features.

    Wrt Extensions firstly, you could consider Session Buddy & OneTab. I have used both in all my chromium-based browsers for many years. I still use the former [not actively; i just keep it installed & enabled, as an emergency fallback option (in V's early days i needed that a lot, but for the past year or 18 months'ish V SS's have been really reliable for me)]. Many months ago i finally removed the latter, once i deduced my "in-house" method as follows.

    Like many V users i commonly work with many tabs, & i make energetic use of V's tab-stacking capability. When there's a longer-term project or issue i'm researching or otherwise engaged with, but which does not need daily attention, i firstly stack said tabs, then right-click said stack & use "Bookmark Tab Stack". Then in the Bookmark Panel i rename this group of bookmarks from its auto-applied "Stack" to something suitable. Finally i drag this BM group into a holding master BM at the top of my BM tree called "0.ACTIVE". After this i can close the originating tab stack, knowing that at any moment i can find & reopen those tabs from within "0.ACTIVE". Two obvious enhancements that would make this simple but multi-step process be also elegant, is if/when the V Devs [hopefully] give us the additional tab-stack context menu options of bookmarking the target stack into a user-selectable target BM folder, & give it a custom name at this same time.

  • Many thanks to both of you. Both will do most of what I want.
    I particularly like the FF version's ability to sort sessions into folders which is rather nice when you have lots of them - I currently have about 45 sessions.
    Perhaps I just need to get used to using Session Buddy's 'search' instead although I see that they are planning folders in a future release.

    At least changing browsers makes you think about different ways of doing things which is no bad thing!


  • This one works just fine for me

    • sometimes I need to reload the pages in Vivaldi as they're black when I log in, works fine in both opera and chrome

  • @globalcloud sessionbox is not working anymore in the v.1.14.1077.25. I tried many sites, the results are the same. If I sessionbox a site, the credential in the old tab will be "session out", and the new tab is black @vivaldi


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