Is there a way to disable the middle mouse scrolling feature?

  • This this is driving me crazy but does someone know a way to disable the middle mouse scrolling option on Vivaldi. I use the middle button to open links in new tabs, and for some reason, I accidentally scroll it a bit and it activates the feature which I think some call smooth scrolling. I then have to click again to disable it. I usually use Ctrl key to open new tabs when my hands are on the keyboard, but otherwise, I use the middle mouse button and boy I hate it. I have a very sensitive cursor and even the slightest move activates the scrolling which is usually when I press the down the button. I never use that scrolling feature and never did in years, so I want it gone.

    I found some instructions for an older Chrome version, but it seems that is not working on Vivaldi or it is not how the feature is called anymore. The extension for Chrome doesn't appear to work either, but of course, I would prefer not to rely on an extension for this if possible.

    This is what I'm talking about, see image on the question:

  • If it helps anyone. It seems that I never installed my mouse drivers. I mean, Windows detects it fine, and I used it like this for years, but drivers come with some extra features like remapping your buttons to custom functions. You probably can do this with other programs as well, but I was not able to find how to do it from Windows or Vivaldi directly.

    Remapping the buttons on your system seems to be the only way, I did this for Vivaldi only, so with Vivaldi open, instead of activating the default middle click function I set it to execute Ctrl + Left Click.

  • Hi, I don´t have this "Feature" on Linux but did you check disable smooth scrolling in Vivaldi in Settings > Webpages?

    Cheers, mib

  • It isn't smooth scrolling. It used to be called "panning" in Opera Presto, Smooth scrolling just means trying to remove the jumps when scrolling. Other programs call panning "auto-scroll", and it is a fairly standard feature in programs that do scroll.

    In Linux, the default action for middle-click is Paste highlighted text.

  • Hi @terere , maybe you are looking somenthig like this

  • It seems everyone calls this another name. In previous Chrome, web tutorials refer to it as Smooth scroll. But that is not that feature I refer here, disabling it does nothing on Vivaldi or Chrome.

    On my device drivers settings, it is called Autoscroll. I think auto scroll is the best definition since it activates a scrolling feature.

    I was only able to do disable this by installing my device drivers and remapping the key which is a bit annoying but seems to work. The problem with this approach is that you need to keep now that mouse setting software running in the background in order for this work. If I close it, then the button defaults again to the default behaviour.

    It would be better to disable this from Vivaldi directly but maybe that is not possible if its related to the operating system.

  • @Marko-Indaco

    Thank you. That is basically what my mouse software also does. Once I installed the drivers, I have a device settings icon running in the tray bar that allows me to adjust different settings. Between them, I can select what each button does. Thankfully, my version allows doing this per specific software. So I can change the default middle button behavior on Vivaldi but leave the defaults for everything else.

    You can probably do this with any other mouse or remapping software, but it involves having another piece of software running and eating resources for something this simple.

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    ...for something this simple.

    "Simple" to use. Not necessarily simple to write.

  • @Ayespy

    No need anymore either.

    I'm starting to like my remapped middle mouse function. If I click the middle button on a tab, now instead of closing it (default action) it selects it which it makes very easy to select multiple tabs for grouping, dragging, etc., with one click. Nice!

  • I have to report that I had to uninstall my mouse manufacturer drivers. This is incredible, but for some reason, the drivers made the cursor more choppy while moving. I also noticed than copy and paste had a delay (using the mouse settings drivers) but worse, with Vivaldi when I pasted something in a field it zoomed the page out 10% every time.

    I uninstalled the mouse drivers, and the issues are gone. The lights on my mouse also didn't turn on correctly when pressing the speed funcion and now they work again without the drivers.

    So believe it or not, the default Windows 10 drivers do a better job at least for me. This is rather strange because you would expect the official drivers to be better. I downloaded the ones for Windows 10. But it seems Microsoft does a better job. The bugs were worse than having the auto scroll activated on middle click, so I guess I will have to live with this but maybe Vivaldi can tweak something, so it is not activated to lightly.

    Example, I just saw that others also reported than using the middle click button tends to select text in another post. This seems a Vivaldi bug but I was convinced I was triggering this my mistake (since my DPI is very fast and sensitive on the mouse). But no. It seems this is a Vivaldi bug as others also experience this (text selected on middle click). So maybe the auto scroll issue I face is also a Vivaldi bug. Maybe this is related. I don't have the issue on other browsers if that helps. If you click on a link with the middle mouse, it should not enable the auto scroll. It does sometimes, not always but sometimes, just like sometimes it also selects the text link when doing so.


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