Tabs closing when clicked on

  • Lately, when I try to switch to a tab by clicking on it, the tab is closing instead (as if I'd clicked the X ). As best as I can tell, it happens randomly. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • No. Does it happen every day, multiple times a day? Do you have any extension that could interfere? Have you tried disabling them all?

  • Yes, it's happening pretty much every day, multiple times a day, and multiple times in a single browsing session. But it's new behavior -- possibly since the latest version. I haven't installed any new extensions for several months, but I can disable them to see what happens. Since the behavior is sporadic, it may take a while for me to be confident it's stopped (obviously, if it continues then it's not an extension issue). It's also possible that it arises when I have a particular number of tabs open; this might be hard to test as well.

  • My guess would be a combination of two things:

    1 - you have the option 'Close Tab on Double Click' checked.
    2 - your mouse button is wearing out.

    The first symptom of a mouse button starting to die is that it often registers multiple clicks instead of a single click. So when you intend to click on a tab, your mouse button is randomly triggering a double-click, which closes the tab.

  • @ugly You're right, "Close Tab on Double Click" was checked and it probably explains the behavior. I don't recall setting it (or ever seeing it), is it on by default? As for my mouse (trackball actually), you might be right about that too, though at 2 1/2 years old, it seems a little young for that.

  • @Kerampf

    Is that the Logitech Trackball you're using? That's what I use. 2.5 years is actually getting an outrageously long life out of one of those. Logitech is terrible with their mouse buttons. A lot of people wear them out within a year, especially on the newer ones. I've re-soldered new buttons on mine multiple times. I forget how long their warranty is (probably a year), but Logitech is pretty good with the warranty, I remember they didn't even ask me to send in the old mouse and sent the new one in without much hassle.

    In fact my Trackball is wearing out on my right click. I just noticed it this weekend. It's been messing up my mouse gestures.

  • Depends on the trackball model perhaps? I have that one with the little trackball you roll your thumb over, where the buttons are like a standard mouse. I have had that one for years and it still works fine. m580 I think ... must be m570 as that's what Yahoo finds. (I never liked the "Marble Mouse" trackball but I have a friend who swears by his.)

  • Yeah, I use the m570. But, I've heard a lot of complaints about Logitech mice recently. Even on the standard, non-trackball products.

    But for the m570 I probably replace one of the buttons each year.

  • Yes, I use the Logitech M570 trackball. The current one is my third (but first wireless). I preferred the one they used to make with the large marble -- it was more ergonomic -- but oh well. I've never had one give out on me in only a year, in fact I've probably been getting more than three years out of them. I broke off the USB transmitter for my wireless a couple months ago and while I waited for a replacement to arrive, I used the wired one I still had floating around and it worked pretty well.


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