What dictionary does V use?

  • ... and is there any way to make it better?!? After a year and a half I'm STILL adding three to four words to it A DAY... Mundane words like selectable, accoutrements, capacitive, counterintuitive, hominem, hypoxia, etc, etc...

    By modern standards a full copy of Websters for just the words should be NOTHING... even with metaphone or soundex indexing.

    Under vivaldi://settings/languages it says I've got US English and just plain English selected, so what gives?

    Even after a year plus of adding words I can't seem to make anything more complex than a orange cheeto-fingered half-tweet without a sea of red underscores.

    Side note, you changed the forum... don't like it. This side by side preview/edit with the USELESSLY TINY editor boxes you can't resize? Poor web development I feel.

    Though the same could be said of putting white text on cyan. WCAG, look it up.

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    @deathshadow I took the liberty of cleaning your disrespectful and hostile language (a clear violation of the first rule in the terms of use in the Forums) while preserving the meaning.

    Thanks for your feedback and opinions. Hopefully someone will come by and give you an authoritative answer to your question but, unless I'm mistaken, the Eng US dictionary is the Hunspell one embedded in Chromium.

    Question: what are you doing that shrinks your editor boxes? Mine are each a half a page.

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    After opening vivaldi://chrome/settings/languages you can add more dictionaries.

    If you think the dicts are not good enough for you, it is not Vivaldi's fault, you should blame the Chromium devs at https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/list for this.


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