1.11 Creates strange print preview on one site that builds a printer friendly page

  • This site has a print icon on its articles. When you select it, it brings up a printer friendly page. It has worked fine since I started using Vivaldi more than a year ago. New behavior started with 1.11. (Maybe 1.10 - I'm not sure.)

    The page I want to see shows up behind some new view of the same page that I don't want. If I close it the whole preview goes away. If I minimize it, it works, but the preview page is gone after printing. I like it to stick around because it's almost like the reader view - very easy to read.

    I know my description isn't very good. Hopefully a 0_1502509066493_junk.png picture will be worth a thousand words.

    Linux - kubuntu 16.04 with Vivaldi 1.11.

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    Which URL is this you want to print?

  • @Gwen-Dragon Go here.

    Near the top of the page there's a bar of icons. The last one looks like a printer.
    Click on that.

    Before this extra page popped-up, I could just press Enter (after clicking the icon) and it would open the save file dialog (I print to PDF files). Now, there's a whole separate smaller web page on top that I must deal with first.
    It seems like a separate window. After minimizing it so I could get out of it, I got stuck and closed the other windows on the desktop and was left with this.


    It's sort of a half live web page. I can enter things in the search field of click on add-ons, but not enter an address. Very strange.

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    Vivaldi opens a popup and a printer page.
    Look like a bug.
    I will report it.
    Bug is VB-30934 "Printing page button in article opens two popups naturalnews .com"

  • @Gwen-Dragon - I just got a fresh perspective on it. I can't go back to old versions and verify it, but this is what I think the problem is:
    Whatever the site is doing does generate a printer friendly page - and that's cool.

    The problem is that before, that page opened in a tab (behind the print dialog) and now it opens in a new window in front of it. Before, this new page remained once printing was done and was nice to read - kind of like using Vivaldi's reader view. Now, it's still that way, but it doesn't flow with everything else because it's a new window, and it's not maximized as it was in the past (because - as a tab - it would be the same size as the browser window it was displayed in.

    Everything else I do opens in a new tab, so I don't think it has to do with a Vivaldi preference I might have changed, but I'm not sure.

  • @gwen-dragon Just for closure: I discovered Vivaldi's Reader View (can't understand how I lived without it for so long!) That works way better than the site's Print button, so I just use it instead.


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