Vivaldi on Touch Screen Devices

  • I have read a few other posts on this topic, but not come up with a solution yet. I find that Vivaldi does not really work with touch input on my Surface Pro 2. It is ok for normal left click type stuff, but trying to to anything with a right click (click and hold with my finger) does not work. It fails to bring up the menu and it fails to register the right click for things like mouse gestures. If I use an actual mouse then of course it works fine, but I really need it to work with fingers. I have changed the Enable Touch Events setting from Automatic to Enable, but that has not helped. I have the same problem with Opera these days of course. Until I can do this with Vivaldi, I am stuck with using Firefox/Pale Moon + All-in-One-Gestures extension (which does work really well on the Surface, and saves me loads of time navigating). Does anyone have know of a fix for this? Are there any gesture extensions that are known to work with Vivaldi?

  • On a Miix 2 8 and can confirm the lack of context menus on tap and hold. That said, the keyboard automatically pops up in text fields (unlike Opera 12) and touch scrolling looks and feels great (better than Opera 20+). Options to reconfigure the size of navigation elements would be grand.

    Anyway until Vivaldi sorts out mouse gestures for touch, I use this program to help it along, it is free and works great:


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