• Tony is giving me that error message from title when visiting the link below - in chrome on the same pc this link works fine.

    In addition the strange thing is that I can navigate on (the main site) without this error message but as soon as I want to go to said link I can't go further.

    Can anybody confirm this or is this just an issue with my pc?
    Any guesses how to bypass this?

    Thanks for reading and testing in advance.

    viv 1.11.904.3 32bit || win 7 64 bit
    Extensions µblock origin on default settings (no difference in behaviour if installed or not)

  • Moderator

    URL is loading without problems on 1.11.904.3 x64 Windows 10x64.

    Please try to clear cookies and cache and reload page.

    Does the page load in Private Window?
    Did you try with a temporary fresh profile? may be you have made some settings interfering the display.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Neither helped - so I guess the proxy my company is using is blocking me someway - which on the other hand is strange as I still can reach the main site


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