Speed Dial Problem

  • Every time I start my computer and go to Vivaldi browser the speed dial folders are all blank until I start another tab and then the fill in with the images of the dials contained in the folders. Also with one tab open showing the speed dial. I right click on a folder to open all the dials in the selected folder. After they are all open I go to the speed dial tab but there is no X to close it and I have to right click and choose close tab. Only a little thing but I do this quite often.

    1.11.904.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • @jumiclads said in Speed Dial Problem:

    there is no X to close

    Does this count for all tabs or only the speed dial?
    Do you have the following setting set:
    Settings --> Tabs --> section "Tab Display" --> ticked box for "Show Close Button"?

    In addition to bypass the rightclick and select close thing you could press "Ctrl+W" or you can go to:
    Settings --> Tabs --> section "Tab Handling" --> tick the box for "Close Tab on Double Click"

    @jumiclads said in Speed Dial Problem:

    speed dial folders are all blank

    What extensions do you use?
    e.g. FVD-Speeddial cause a similar error but is worked on as far as I know on the vivaldi side and the fvd side to get this fixed.

    Just to run a test case you could refresh your profile and see if the issue is still there.
    Here is a pretty good instruction on how to refresh your profile and backup your data so nothing is lost.

  • Thanks for your reply.

    The Display close button is ticked and only applies to the speed dial tab which is there automatically when the browser is opened.

    The only extension I have is Last Pass password manager. I have applied your suggestions so far and will re-test.

  • @jumiclads said in Speed Dial Problem:

    only applies to the speed dial tab which is there automatically when the browser is opened.

    Ah okay - my guess is that the first speed dial don't have a close button because the option "Don't close Window with last Tab" is active (In Settings --> Tab --> section "Tab Handling").

    For the other stuff we'll see what comes up with your re-test.

  • Right, If I open the browser the Speed Dial tab comes up with no cross probably for the reason you state but if I then open an additional tab in the background a cross still doesn't appear on the first tab unless I click on the new tab and then go back to the Speed Dial tab.

    Refreshing my profile didn't fix anything. Speed Dial still acts in the same way as in my first post when I first start my PC.

  • @jumiclads
    You're right - tried it myself and can confirm that the x only shows up if you click on another tab first.
    You can do a bugreport here: https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

    Regarding the blank speeddials I've to admit that a fresh profile was my first and only solution attempt I could bring in - so it seems you'll need to wait until somebody else comes up with a new idea.

  • @zaibon Thanks for your help.

  • I have the same problem. Any temporary solution meantime?


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