HIGH CPU usage with youtube

  • I've noticed a few times that my laptop is perceptibly hot under my wrists, and checked task manager.

    Despite only having 4 tabs open in Vivaldi and not running anything else, the CPU was at 50%.

    I shut it down, and restarted it, and it appeared to settle down but quickly ramped back up again. It is also taking a huge chunk of memory (about 8 processes totally also ~50%).

    I quickly realised that the youtube tab appeared to be the culprit on both fronts...

    This is a pain for me, as I use youtube a lot for learning to code, and for background music while studying.

    Is there any obvious reason why its having such an impact on resources?

    I read a couple of other threads on CPU usage, and it was suggested that incompatibility problems with the video card can cause resource issues.

    I've included some snapshots from vivaldi://gpu, but I don't really understand the information enough to know if its saying anything relevant.

    My video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (2gig VRAM) if that helps.



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    Strange, because most important for video decoding is green for your gpu.

    CPU usage would be high if you had disabled usage of gpu with vivaldi://flags or by command line parameter.

    Do you use any extension?
    What is shown if you hit Shift+Esc (the process manager) in Vivaldi showing you which process is so CPU costly.
    Do you have a second GPU on your system (some laptops have)?
    Which CPU do you have?

  • I had some analysis on this post
    You can check if same case.

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