HIGH CPU usage with youtube

  • I've noticed a few times that my laptop is perceptibly hot under my wrists, and checked task manager.

    Despite only having 4 tabs open in Vivaldi and not running anything else, the CPU was at 50%.

    I shut it down, and restarted it, and it appeared to settle down but quickly ramped back up again. It is also taking a huge chunk of memory (about 8 processes totally also ~50%).

    I quickly realised that the youtube tab appeared to be the culprit on both fronts...

    This is a pain for me, as I use youtube a lot for learning to code, and for background music while studying.

    Is there any obvious reason why its having such an impact on resources?

    I read a couple of other threads on CPU usage, and it was suggested that incompatibility problems with the video card can cause resource issues.

    I've included some snapshots from vivaldi://gpu, but I don't really understand the information enough to know if its saying anything relevant.

    My video card is an NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (2gig VRAM) if that helps.



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    Strange, because most important for video decoding is green for your gpu.

    CPU usage would be high if you had disabled usage of gpu with vivaldi://flags or by command line parameter.

    Do you use any extension?
    What is shown if you hit Shift+Esc (the process manager) in Vivaldi showing you which process is so CPU costly.
    Do you have a second GPU on your system (some laptops have)?
    Which CPU do you have?

  • I had some analysis on this post
    You can check if same case.

  • I'm experiencing high cpu usage as well, and not only on Youtube, basically on every video streaming website, compared to other browsers..

    I'm willing to jump exclusively to vivaldi from Opera, but this issue is very critical, it's my biggest waiting point.. 😞

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    @Regnas Tell us more about hardware (GPU, CPU), Windows, Vivaldi version and under which circumstances Vivaldi has high usage.

  • I've tested vivaldi only on a old laptop with core 2 duo T5870 with integrated graphics, 3GB ram, Windows 10 home 64bit, Vivaldi v1.11.904.3 snapshot 32bit.
    Vivaldi has high cpu usage on every circumstances, I tried several videos in html5/flash... full screen video seems to make the cpu usage even higher....

    I compared everything side by side with Opera.

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    @Regnas Oh, looks like a problem with Intel GPU and hardware acceleration.

    What is reported in section Graphics Feature Status after opening vivaldi://gpu ?

  • I have this:

    alt text

    And sorry for the somewhat delayed replies, I need to wait 500+ seconds between posts...

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    @Regnas Delay is no problem. That is to prevent spammers, after a while if you have more posts that will disappear.

    You output from gpu says that there is no video hardware accelerated decoding, that causes high CPU load.

    Perhaps you can open vivaldi://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist, enable the flag and restart Vivaldi.
    If that does not help, please reopen vivaldi://flags and reset to default.

  • Thanks for the help..

    Also, as someone said above, there's this thread https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/16427/youtube-stuttering-and-frame-dropping-or-skipping-issues/38 with somewhat related issue, and I followed their advice and turned off Use Animation in the settings/appearance, so the audio icon in the tab is not animated, and it actually reduced a good amount of cpu usage at least on youtube (probably other sites as well)... So it seems like some high cpu usage issues are coming from the Vivaldi UI itself..
    If there's something else I can disable to decrease cpu usage I would gladly like to know...


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    Unfortunately i am not the support wizard i liked to be. Some knowledge about Windows solutions with slow Intel GPU and Vivaldi is missing.
    I have only on Linux Intel GPU and there i could fix some problems.

    Perhaps some other moderator or user knows more.

  • 👍

  • @Regnas Thanks, helped. On my company Core i5 with Intel GPU I had constantly 50-60% cpu usage. Disabling animation drops load to 5%.

  • Several months later ...

    This issue has not been resolved yet as turning off animations provides minimal benefits to the CPU usage; I'm still seeing around 70% consumption for a single video. Other browsers like Firefox or Chrome only see a maximum of 30-40%. Very strange 😞

  • yes, this is a problem here too. you can see 'perf top' output: https://i.imgur.com/3yDhPUz.png

    and this is a threadripper 1900x system using AMDGPU open source stack with RX460 (POLARIS).


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