Extensions not working properly in private windows

  • When in private browsing, extensions like Ublock Origin doesn't work properly for me, when you try to disable it for the page, it disables on non-private window you have on background, same happens when you try to pick an element to block.

    Is my install just borked or is this a "feature" of the browser?

  • Have you checked the "use in incognito" for ublock in extensions page?
    You should do that for any extensions you use in incognito.

  • Moderator

    That is a bug in my internal 1.11, too.

    Found these bugs and updated bugtracker for latest Vivaldi:
    VB-28902 "Ublock Origin reloads wrong window on Private Mode"
    VB-28010 "uBlock state behavior wrong (partially inherited, partially shared) between main and private window"

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