Problems with last update

  • Hello,

    I had few problems with the update system.

    After downloading the updater, my computer was enable to launch it because it was not able to create a temporary folder. The error message said that it was because it has not enough space (I have 10GB left on my C:) or not enough rights to write this temporary folder. I tried to launch Vivaldy with administration rights but it failed again to launch the updater.

    My only way to solve this was to go into the "Temp" folder, find the updater exe, kill the Vivaldi process and then launch the update with administration rights.

    This is not convenient at all so if you have a solution for Vivaldi browser to be able to launch an update without all this stuff, that would be cool. 🙂

    Thanks .

  • Moderator

    @Nemotaku The key thing is to ensure that all Vivaldi processes are shut down prior to trying to run the installer. The vast majority of systems do this without user intervention. It's not yet clear why some systems don't close all Vivaldi processes on browser shutdown - but there are a few that don't.


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