Tab muddle

  • Lately Vivaldi keeps opening on not the usual one, but 2 tabs. One of them's the start page with my FVD Speed Dials and another one in front of it that's blank with a URL reading "vivaldi://chrome-signin/?access_point=6&reason=0". Can't seem to find anything off kilter in the settings. Thanks for any suggestions.
    Tad Flummoxed.

  • What extensions do you use? that link seems to be related to chrome sync function, which vivaldi don't support.

  • The thought about the extensions being the possible culprit had crossed my mind, so let me list them here:

    • AdRemover for Google,
    • Agile CRM,
    • EverSync,
    • FVD Speed Dial,
    • Google Docs Offline,
    • Google Keep Extension,
    • MEGA.

    I've made sure they're all Chrome extensions; they work just fine apart from anything else.

  • Try to disable google keep and/or docs (not working on Vivaldi, for what I know) and check in vivaldi settings (ALT+P) if you have set the chrome:// link in tab settings - but probably you have new page managed by FVD, and it's fine in that case.
    Even if keep/docs works to you, they are probably trying to call the chrome sync/login page - the link you posted - which is not supported on Vivaldi.


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