Integration of Internet Download Manager

  • Versions are growing, and Internet Download Manager can not yet integrate (the download panel does not appear in YouTube, etc.). He wrote about this problem more than six months ago.

  • Vivaldi Voice

    I am facing the same problem please fix it.

  • I'm an IDM "lifer" also -- really, no other dL Mgr will do ! .....

    BUT ! when it still don't work, version after version, then it's time to move on.

    Thanks to some other posts mention of "Ant Download Manager",
    now I have happiness whenever I want to use Vivaldi --
    b/c I use Vivaldi maybe 30%, FF 50%, IE 10%, Chromium 10%.

    For me, Vivaldi has an UNBELIEVABLE "Save as PDF" functionality
    for saving webpage articles, etc -- does NOT depend on Adobe!
    yet saves hyperlinks to remain active/clickable.

    Anyways - my 30-day trial of ANT dL mgr is up in a few days,
    and I plan to purchase the Lifetime subscription -- b/c it also works
    pretty nicely in all other browsers.

    I surely do NOT like it as much as IDM - for a number of reasons -
    but the fact that it just plain WORKS in Vivaldi/Chrome/Chromium style browsers
    overrides any other preferences I have for IDM

    ... just sharing my observations as someone who still hopes IDM will one day be successfully integrated!

  • I Feel your pain, I've posted about it already with input from IDM's author as well.
    Fingers crossed for 1.11 stable!

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