[BUG] the videos does not work well on Vk (last version)

  • On vkontakte the videos does not work well, while in another navigator it works very well.

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    And please give us a public reachable URL to this video.
    And which Vivaldi version?
    Which OS version?
    Which graphics harfware?

  • I'm having issues with videos since Vivaldi 1.10 everywhere, videos constantly stops and can't be replayed until whole page reload, it happens at 9gag, navratdoreality.com, Instagram... everywhere but Youtube, YT is still working.
    1.10.867.38 (Stable channel) (64bit)
    Windows 7 x64
    GTX 770

  • Same here, the only place videos work are on YouTube. Every place else it stutters or plays for a few seconds and just stops. It's been happening to me since the 1.10 snapshots. Videos work fine in Firefox, Brave and even IE.

    Win7 x64
    Vivaldi 1.10.867.38 64bit
    2 video cards, Intel and AMD, happens on both cards.
    Tried hardware acceleration enabled and disabled.

  • please everyone, report it using vivaldi.com/bugreport giving the urls of videos not working, as many as possible.
    at least we will get the problem investigated

  • No problem, bug was reported. Just doing what the Bug Report page suggests to do, (Got more on your mind? Come talk to us in our forums, on Twitter and Facebook.) and since I don't have Twitter or Facebook 😉 😃

    EDIT: Sorry forgot to post info: VB-29452

  • I had few problems with videos too. But it was caused mostly when skipping to another minute or so.
    Then whole Vivaldi just get "not responding" and video screen was green. Only refresh helped. I solved it via disabling HW acceleration. Try that and you will see if it helped.

    W10 x64, i5 - 6600K, GTX1070

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    If you have a internal Intel GPU and a AMD or NVidia card, you can try to switch off the Intel GPU.

  • @Famous , I get the same results as you if I skip ahead. My issues is just from playback, no skipping ahead.

    @Gwen-Dragon , yes I tried disabling the Intel GPU, same results. I've been troubleshooting this since the 1.10 snapshots. Clean installs, reg & dirs cleaned, no extensions or plugins, tried Vivaldi 32 & 64bit versions on both Win7 x64 laptop, Win8.1 x64 desktop. I did notice with the new snapshot that Facebook videos have improved. So now YouTube and Facebook play nice for the most part but all other videos still stutter.

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    VK not playing is in progress, tested internally by some devs as i could read internally.

  • Yet no fix... quite serious issue in my opinion, so I changed to Opera for now but if this will not be solved soon I can stay with Opera as my primary browser.


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